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The latest in limited edition: Malabar Pintado with Guarana

Get to know the ins and outs of a first-of-its-kind for us here at Pod & Parcel

Here at Pod & Parcel, we’re all about keeping things funky, fresh, and painstakingly delicious. And that’s exactly why we luuurve to switch things up by introducing new limited edition specialty brews to our (already) stellar line up. It keeps our coffee game strong and gives you the variety you need to spice up your life * cue Spice Girls playing in the distance *.

It’s time to warm up your coffee machine and prep your cutest mug as we introduce you to Malabar Pintado - blended with Guarana!

Here’s all the need-to-know info

Our brand new limited edition is an absolute first for us here at Pod & Parcel, providing you with caffeine like you’ve never seen from us before. We’ve brought together beans from two of the finest coffee regions in the world, and then added a lil extra goodness to transport your coffee experience to new heights!

We’re talkin’ Guarana, baby!

Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon in South America, that bears fruits known for their super duper caffeine content. If you’re looking for that extra lil boost to your energy, then Malabar Pintado is the brew for you!

So, where does Malabar Pintado come from?

We’ve packed goodies from three different regions into these pods, so you just know we’re serving up the good stuff! The guarana is direct from the Amazon, where the caffeine-rich fruits have been harvested ready to provide you with the ultimate caffeination.

Blended in with the guarana are beans from Colombia and India - an absolute pairing of dreams for your cuppa. Being two of the most famous coffee regions, these beans sure know what’s up with the cup.

What’s so special about Malabar Pintado?

Aside from maximising your caffeination and giving you almost double the hit in one lil pod - the origin of the name is just as special as the brew itself.

‘Malabar’ is derived from the name of the southwestern coast of India where these particular beans are grown, paying homage to their origin. ‘Pintado’ translates to ‘with milk’ in the Colombian native tongue - and that’s precisely how we recommend enjoying this brew!

What does it taste like?

Malabar Pintado will take your tastebuds (and your caffeination status) on a journey they’ve never been on before. It begins with subtle notes of hazelnut, followed by a rich, velvety dark chocolate, and finishing with a smooth cascade of raspberry for the ultimate drizzle of sweetness to curb your cravings.

Who is Malabar Pintado perfect for?

You, me, and every other caffeine-keen person around! I you’re into maximum caffeination - you’ve come to the right place. Limited edition, super delicious, and super caffeinated. We’ve got the good stuff locked and loaded!

With only 3,000 packs of this goodie with guarana, it’s touted to be a real big deal. We recommend getting in quick. It won’t last on these (virtual) shelves forever!

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