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The latest in limited edition: Talamanca

Get the good word on the cuppa that connects us with the community of Costa Rica.

Here at Pod & Parcel, we love keeping things fresh … and delicious! Which is why we love switching things up by adding new limited edition specialty brews to our stellar line up. It keeps our coffee game strong and gives you some sweet, sweet variety for your next brew. Hashtag winning!!! Joining the team is the new tutti and a lil' bit fruity Talamanca. While we vacuum the red carpet, let us introduce you to this beaut new brew!

Here’s all the need-to-know info

Here’s a background check on this premium bean - that’s Talamanca, for those playing along at home.

Talamanca comes from Coopedota, the Costa Rican town of Santa Marta de Dota, which is all about that coffee production life. Like, producing approximately 60,000 x 69-kilo bags of coffee per year, life! Two words: Coffee. Kings. This is probably thanks to their scenic backdrop of farmed, lush hills, boasting altitudes between 1,450 and 1,900 metres above sea level… the perfect climate for growing beans!

Good to know: Coopedota is hailed as the first coffee producer and roastery to be CO2 neutral certified in the world. Yup, they are paving the way for sustainable coffee production of the future. Not only by reducing and offsetting their emissions but also being actively involved in their community. Hashtag winning x2.

And what's more of a big deal than the totes amaze Talamanca in all her single origin glory? Well, there's only 5,500 packs available to get your hot little hands on. And even better? We've gone ahead and labelled the bottom of every single pack, with a special lil nod to the production number of your Talamanca. Talk about being a part of P&P history - it doesn't get sweeter than that!

Here’s a couple o' reasons why we’re obsessed with Talamanca

  1. We’re supporting Coopedota, who are paving the way for sustainable coffee production.
  2. The coffee is SOOO GOOD. The small town of Coopedota are the undisputed coffee kings! One taste of this delicious drop and it’s made our mornings 100 times better. It left us no choice but to put their beans into a pod for you to sip yourself silly. Trust us: you’re going to be obsessed with this cuppa. Get ready for a new fave!

So, what does Talamanca taste like, then?

Talamanca is in town and it’s come to make your mornings ROCK. Touted as a tutti fruity sensation, Talamanca is a full rich texture with notes of dark chocolate, lime and subtle blackcurrant & tropical fruits. Bringing it home is a sweet, lingering toffee finish. Talamanca has the trifecta - strong, sweet and super sippable! Perfect with milk or without. Trust us, you’re going to go gaga over this cuppa!

Who is this brew perfect for?

If you love your coffee expertly roasted, ground and packed into compostable coffee pods - featuring a super duper delicious taste, of course - then you’ll loooove Talamanca. Facts! And with only 5,500 packs available, she's touted to be a reaaaal big deal.

For a cup that celebrates sustainability and a fruity, balanced profile of dark chocolate, lime and tropical fruits, look no further than our limited edition Talamanca.

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