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The best addition to your next parcel!

Yes, yes, you know that our hearts will always beat for the beloved coffee bean, but we’re all about local, sustainable goodies, and supplying you with new pantry besties.

Featuring delicious fruity and herbaceous notes, this oil will have you feeling all kinds of VIP. And even better? It’s made from olives direct from South Australia. Forget the city of churches, we’re naming it the city of olives after this divine drop. In terms of our coffee; local and fresh are our middle names - and now we’re boosting that energy over to the Olive Oil side!

Much like your fave P&P coffee, the tasting notes of our Olive Oil are equally amazing. It begins with a sample of fresh herbs and roasted nuts, and hits home with a fruity finish. Drool! And versatile... Especially drizzled over a fresh salad, dipped into some dukkah on some freshly baked bread or the Kardashian’s infamous Olive Oil cake.

Pretty packaging, great flavour, and Aussie olives. Yup - we’re living for this Olive Oil, and we know you will be too!

So, are you all in on our all-Aussie Olive Oil? Sustainable, and great tasting coffee pods were our beginning, but we’re here to take that to the next level with your pantry’s newest boo!

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