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The Top Reason Why We’re Loving Malabar Pintado Right Now

Malabar Pintado is a brew that is guaranteed to give you wings (heyo Guarana, and double heyo to extra caffeination)! There’s more to this brew than meets the eye, and we’re here to fill you in on what makes this Limited Edition so dang delish.

Now this is one brew that is sure to tickle all caffeine fanatics’ fancy. The same great Pod & Parcel taste you know and love, but roasted with Guarana for a dash of extra caffeination.

Yes puh-lease!

With tasting notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate and raspberry, this brew will be nothing short of love at first sip. Add a dash of your fave milk (oat, goat, dairy - whatever floats your milky boat), and you’ve got one delish sipping sitch.

Guarana is not for the weak at (caffeinated) heart

Roasting something like this with your coffee is a first for us here at Pod & Parcel. Harvested from the Amazon, the guarana fruit is a similar size to the coffee berry. The extract is made by processing the seeds into a powder, and contains a range of stimulants - most notably, the ol’ faithful caffeine.

Helping you to maintain focus and mental energy, this pod is packed with enough caffeine to allow you to capture the day and make it yours. Carpe diem, right?

This is our first Limited Edition blend (so far)!

Usually when we’re trialling and testing brews to bring in for our Limited Editions, we like to put a spotlight on a favourite coffee region of ours by producing the finest single origin brew just for you. This time around, we’ve decided to switch it up and supply you with a dreamy blend of beans from Colombia and India, before adding the main spectacle of Guarana!

Blends create the perfect balance of flavour that is complimented by milk, so this is our favourite cuppa for the latte lovers! With extra caffeination, you can get that extra sweet, sweet hit of caffeine in a flavour you’re bound to love. Unique attributions of Colombian and Indian beans give this blend a combination of fruitiness, acidity and nutty flavours.

Heads up: we recommend getting in STAT! We’ve only released an uber limited drop of Malabar Pintado (3,000 packs - all labelled with their special batch number on the bottom of the pack so you can sip to your heart’s content on a piece of P&P history), so shop before it’s gone!

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