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The Top Reason Why We’re Loving Talamanca Right Now

Talamanca is a solid ten outta ten in our books - but there's more to this brew than meets the eye. Serving up the amazing waterfalls, expansive vegetation and uncovered cloud forests of Costa Rica right to your cutest mug!

Uh huh. It’s love at first sip. The way this impactful coffee pod boasts a full rich texture with notes of dark chocolate, lime and subtle blackcurrant and tropical fruits, with a lingering toffee finish to top it off is nothing short of amazing. And how the milk brings it to the next level. It's just oh-so good!

Have you tried our limited edition liquid gold drop that is Talamanca?

If not, there’s still time to get up, close and personal. Read on for the ultimate reason why we love this top drop!

Sustainable origins reign supreme

With sustainable origins, Talamanca comes from Coopedota, located in a cute Costa Rican town, and is the first coffee producer and roastery to be CO2 neutral certified in the world. Not only are they reducing and offsetting their emissions but they’re also actively involved in their community. How neat is that? Biiiig brownie points for the sustainable factor.

Talamanca has the trifecta

When sourcing a new coffee we wanted one that had it all. Sustainability was a BIG drawcard! It had to be strong, with a full rich texture, and be super duper sippable, so the fact that it tastes like a hybrid of dark choc - berries - toffee is very on point. Sustainable, strong, and super sippable! What’s not to love about this new brew? Talamanca has the trifecta down pat!

Community rules

Talamanca is the cuppa that connects us with the community of Costa Rica. Here at P&P, we’re all about community. We’re also about connecting with other communities. This is what Talamanca does, thanks to the Costa Rican coffee producer Coopedota, who are actively involved in their community. For a cup that celebrates community and a fruity, balanced profile of dark choc, lime and berries, Talamanca has you sorted.

Heads up, though: we recommend getting in quick. We've only released an extremely limited drop (only 5,500 packs - all labelled with their special batch number on the bottom of the pack so you can sip away on a piece of P&P history), so shop before it's gone!

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