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Three Reasons Why We’re A Better Bean

You might’ve been purchasing from us for a while, or maybe we’ve been on your radar. Either way, we don’t do it often, but when we do, we like to go all out… we’re talking about a humblebrag. A little love letter to our coffee if you will and why we think our bean’s the best out there. So, if you’re intrigued, read on for our top three reasons why we believe in our bean.


Yes, fruit! In case you didn’t know, the coffee you drink actually starts off as a big, bright, juicy coffee cherry. Uh-huh. Has your mind just been blown? The coffee cherry looks similar to grape but gets its name ‘bean’ because of its resemblance to legumes.

So, this is how it begins: you take nature’s sweet candy (the coffee cherry from the coffea plant), and you remove the flesh to reveal the pip… or rather, the bean. There’s actually all different types of fancy layers to the coffee cherry: outer skin (cascara), pulp, pectin layer, parchment (or hull), silver skin, bean and the centre cut.

When you make the awesome decision to get your pods from us, you better believe that no matter the blend and no matter the batch, our coffee fruit has gone through superior sourcing, rigorous testing and thorough quality control. In short, we only source the best for you!


Once you’ve got the finest fruit, the real juicy stuff happens with how you roast your bean. How you blend your roast, the exact roasting method and the care you take towards yielding the finest cup all determine the end result. Kind of think of it like cooking… say you’ve got the freshest product you could source; it's all homegrown, local and premium product in your hot little hands, and now you get to cooking.

When you party with our pods, you’ve got to know that we pride ourselves on how immaculate our kitchen (roaster) is. We scrub every surface until it’s sparkling, wear fancy-pants aprons, and pre-heat, polish and perfect every single step of the way. Call us caffeine chefs!


Now, we’re not done once we’ve roasted the coffee. The real work happens once we’ve roasted our, well, – uh – roast. When we’ve whipped a batch of coffee and popped ‘em into pods, we test them to no end. In fact, not only does each batch get tested by multiple people throughout the day, but we also test our pods from a quality and party perspective. Does this mean that we’re sipping our blends under a disco light? Perhaps, and quite frankly, we’re there for it.

We really like to think that this is what separates us from everyone else.

And that’s what we have you! Thanks for sticking around for our little shout out to our love for our coffee and our passion for bringing you the most delicious pod possible. If you’re already part of our party, then pod on! If you’re not, come join us. We’d love to have you.

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