Roasted walnut and cocoa nibs balanced with sweet blackcurrant

Tasting notes Roasted walnut, cocoa nibs & blackcurrant
Intensity 12/13
Best served With milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Wah wah wah weeeee....AMAZING!

*Insert Effie voice* Haaawwwwmaahhgaawwd!!
Best pods I have ever tried guys...and I have tried many. You even get that hit of caffeine goodness when you open that bag (every single time)...it's like "goodmorning, take a sniff, this is the goodness that you're about to drink"!
Keep up the good work. I will be spreading the word to all my fellow caffeine addicts for sure!

Woohooo!!! We love the joy that P&P brings to your mornings, Niki! Thanks for appreciating the P&P difference :)
Good coffee! Totally recyclable!

I am an environmentalist, so the idea that these pods won’t go into a landfill and take forever to break down is very exciting. I’m not mad about the coffee offered, however. I tend to like more classic espresso, Italian and/or French. Come on, Pod and Parcel, offer up those options!

Message recieved Ginny. We do our coffee in a lighter Australian style, but we are working on increasing our variety to support customers like yourself.
Great coffee

Everyone who has tried my pods agree it is delicious coffee. What is the timeframe for their decomposition?

Aw much appreciated Julie! Our pods are certified and designed to decompose within 90 days in a commercial composter :) Please check out our website from more info: https://www.podandparcel.com.au/apps/help-center#!what-is-the-environmental-impact-of-your-pods
Love these pods!

I love these pods, will not buy anything else these Fay’s. They are cafe quality- sometimes better than some cafes and their delivery times is super fast.

Thanks for inviting P&P's specialty coffee into your home, Melisa!

Great blend from a company doing their part for the environment. Thank you

Thanks a bunch for your support Melissa!
More Info

Florentino was made for the latte and flat-white lovers.

How is it different from the rest? For one, it contains Robusta, around 70%, to help cut through milk. Not just any robusta, mind you, through evaluating 10+ varietals, we’ve landed on the Peredenia Robusta from the Kerala region in India.

Dispelling the notion that all robusta is tar-like and leathery, you’ll find notes of walnut and cocoa balanced by mild black currant sweetness owing to a Colombian specialty arabica, comprising the other 30% of coffee. Let Florentino reset your expectation on how good robusta can be and experience a true, cafe-style latte or flat-white coffee at home.