Creamy vanilla and blood orange with subtle notes of cinnamon

Tasting notes Vanilla, blood orange & cinnamon
Intensity 7/13
Best served Without milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Customer Reviews

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Great coffee

I've had a long term pod and parcel subscription, tried all the different styles. Huehuetenango is my fave, smooth for a long black.

Many thanks for being a longstanding member of our Coffee Club and we're so happy you're still enjoying our brews!
Awe inspiring

Mate. you guys are my favourite people IN THE WORLD!! I am a caffeiniac, and I would not/cannot start the day without two pods in quick succession. The quality and variety of your product is beyond terrific.

Aww to your Awe! We love fuelling legendary coffee lovers like you, David :D
My new love

This is such amazing coffee and all the better that it does not harm the environment. There are so many options and flavours to try that each morning brings new excitement with my morning coffee :)

Thanks for making us a part of your morning ritual and glad we can help pick you up, Jacqueline!
Lovely idea, packaging and branding

However the coffee is extremely average. Even compared against other mainstream brands it definitely trails their very generic taste. Tried 3 flavours currently and all are extremely harsh heavy and overly bitter. Quite misleading flavour profiles. Was really hoping these would be the answer, but unfortunately so far they really have been sitting next to the machine.

Hey Fraser, So sorry that you weren't peachy keen with our varieties! Wondering if these tips could help you get the most out of our specialty coffee pods in your machine? : Please email us at so that we can help resolve this taste issue!
Very nice coffee


Yay to finding your flavour fave!
More Info

The beauty of single origins is their story. Huehuetenango (pronounced way-way-teh-nan-go) is no exception.

This coffee hails from a group of microlots called the Cooperativa Todosanterita, located in Huehuetenango, a region found in the highlands of the Sierra de los Cuchamatanes in South-Western Guatemala. Here, you’ll find a mountain range with altitudes perfect for producing arabica beans with distinct flavour profiles. Coffee harvest is brief, only lasting three to four months and typically occurring between January and April.

In quite a unique complement of flavours, this coffee has creamy vanilla body with notes of blood orange, contributing to its acidity. You may also experience a subtle yet notable cinnamon finish to round out the cup. The Cooperativa Todosanterita is also associated with the Federation of Cooperatives of Coffee Producers of Guatemala, a group aimed to better the village’s living conditions, providing drinking water, schools, and medical clinics.

In fact, this village is so ancient that the main language spoken in this village isn’t Spanish, it’s the Mayan language, ‘Mam’. It’s true what they say: good things don’t last. Such is the case with this coffee.