Sidamo Decaf


Sweet lemon and candied orange with notes of dried fig

Tasting notes Sweet lemon, orange & dried fig
Intensity 8/13
Best served With or without milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Customer Reviews

Based on 217 reviews
Best decaf ever!

I am a huge coffee lover but have been trying to cut back on how much caffeine I drink so I've been giving decaf pods a go. P&P Sidamo Decaf is the only decaf I've found that I genuinely love and am excited to drink every night! It is super smooth, rich and doesn't have that burnt taste that some other brands seem to have. Very highly recommend.

So glad you're loving our Sidamo Decaf , Adele! Thanks for sharing the P&P love. ☕❤️

Sidamo Decaf

I can’t believe it’s decaffinated! My go to when I get home from work.

Thank you so much, Jen! Sidamo is definitely a decaf crowd pleaser. Keep enjoying them! ☕❤️

Great flavour

I’m currently only drinking decaf coffee and I’ve tried 2 other brands but the pod and parcel flavour is my favourite.

Thanks for showing your appreciation for Sidamo, Alex! Enjoy ☕️❤️

Sidamo decaf pods

I love these pods!! The flavour is just as good as the caffeinated pods and you can’t tell that type are drinking decaf. Great for a late afternoon coffee!

Thanks Julia, Sidamo is definitely a decaf crowd pleaser! Cheers and enjoy! ☕️❤️

Best decaf

I love a coffee after lunch and decided to try a decaf. I tried the Sidamo decaf and loved it. Tastes great!

Wow!! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with such precious feedback, Lynn. We're thrilled that Sidamo has hit the spot for you. ❤️☕️

Decaf Fan

As someone who can only drink Decaf coffee I am very happy with my Sidamo Decaf pods. They give me my coffee hit without the consequences. I am currently enjoy a cup right now!!

Aww we appreciate your feedback Lynne and Yay to Sidamo ticking all your boxes.

Best decaf

This really is the best decaf I've tried - and I've tried several decaf pod options.

Thanks Tania, we appreciate the awesome feedback!

Decaf pods

Definitely the best tasting decaf I’ve had

Thanks so much for the great feedback Mary, enjoy!

More Info

Our signature decaf is a single origin arabica sourced from the Sidamo Province, an area popular for its fruity coffee, in the South East of Ethiopia. In a colourful complement of flavours, the bright tasting notes of sweet lemon and candied orange form the body of the cup, which is rounded by notes akin to dried figs. 

Chemical-free, this coffee is decaffeinated with the chemical-free Swiss Water Process, it retains all its complex flavour notes synonymous with specialty arabica. Treat yourself to one of the first decaffeinated specialty coffee pods in the world and, if we're being honest, very likely the one with the highest quality too.