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FAQs: Your Purchase

How do I edit my subscription?

First of all: awesome decision.

Secondly, to edit your subscription, log into your account. Once you’re in, click the ‘Edit your subscription’ button at the top right of the account dashboard page or by selecting your subscription in the left menu.

Is your site secure and are my payment details safe?

Yes, not only is our site secure, it meets all 6 categories of PCI DSS Compliance.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle credit card and debit card information. Any store that sells online and accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards must have software and hosting needs to be PCI compliant. Your payment details are safe!

I’m not satisfied with the product and I’d like a refund. How do I get this?

If for any reason you're not satisfied with the product, we're more than happy to give you a full refund. Just email at and we'll get it sorted out within 24 hrs.

110% Money-Back Guarantee`

Our 110% Guarantee

Not loving our pods or worried they won’t fit your Nespresso®* machine?

No stress, we'll give you a full refund, including return postage costs plus an extra 10% in your bank account just for giving us a try (really).

Do you sell wholesale to offices, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets etc?

Unfortunately, we do not offer wholesales accounts.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

If you're wanting to order a bulk amount of pods then please contact and we can try and accommodate your request.

FAQs: Shipping

How can I track my order?

When we send out your order, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. You can then trace to see where the package is with our chosen shipping carrier (we use a number of different shipping carriers depending on the size of the order and delivery address). If you have any trouble or questions about the whereabouts of your order, please contact and we will try to answer your email within 24 hours :)

How long will it take to receive my order?

This depends on where you live!

We generally advise waiting 3-5 business days if your in VIC, QLD, SA, ACT, or NSW.

If you're in NT, WA, or Tasmania, it could take up to 7 business days

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is a flat rate of $7 within Australia and free for all orders equal or above $75.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not ship overseas.

FAQs: Coffee Pods

Which machines are Pod & Parcel pods compatible with?

Our pods are compatible with the DeLonghi / Breville Nespresso®* OriginalLine machines. At this stage, we currently just offer up a pod for this machine!

What is the best way to store the coffee pods?

Store in a cool dark place.  Like your pantry:)

How much caffeine is in each coffee pod?

Each capsule contains 60mg-100mg of Caffeine

Do your pods contain gluten?

Our pods and tea are made with ingredients that contain zero traces of gluten; however they are processed in a facility that also produces products with gluten. Because of this, we are unable to claim that our products are 100% gluten-free.

How do I make the best tasting coffee using your pods?

Here’s the short version: use the short shot. To get the best out of your coffee, we recommend using the short shot button; this not only is the perfect amount to extract all the best elements from the coffee (oils, aroma and flavour), but using the Lungo button can affect your pod’s extraction. Our pods are made for the short shot, so using anything else makes for a less-than-ideal cuppa, we say!

What are the Coffee pods made from?

Our coffee pods are made from a biopolymer and cellulose material produced from GMO free corn. The corn is from renewable resources.

How long do they take to break down?

They are certified and tested to break down in 90 days in an industrial composting facility.

How should I dispose of my pods?

Our coffee pods and tea bags are biodegradable, compostable and plastic-free, and break down in an industrial composting facility in just 90 days.
This means you can pop your pods into your normal bill, where they’ll go to landfill and break down over 2-3 years – as opposed to around 30 years for a non-bio pod. (We use a special kind of plastic that accelerates the break-down process.)

If you prefer to compost your pods, we recommend checking in with your local council to see if they have an industrial compost!

What standards is this in line with?

Our range of compostable coffee pods have been rigorously tested and are TUV Certified (EN13432). This means: "Product certification guarantees that not only the plastic is compostable but also all other components of the product, e.g. colours, labels, glues and – in case of packaging products – residuals of the content." Source European Bioplastics (

To receive this level of certification, it requires both of the capsules to undergo the following tests:

Biodegradation -  The process where organic substances are decomposed by micro-organisms.

Ecotoxiticy - Undergo tests to ensure the pod does not leave behind toxic traces that are harmful to the environment.

Disintegration - To understand how the pod breaks down.

Heavy metals content

The OK Compost certification means the capsule can be industrially composted and will break down at temperatures of 60 degrees and over. The process of industrial composting, requires a mix of heat, aeration, moisture, micro-organisms and regulated pH levels to allow the capsule to break down. The end result is nutrient rich soil that can be used for gardens.

Please check your local council for their organic waste regulations. If your council does not have a green waste bin, they can be disposed of in the normal waste.

Are there any artificial ingredients or preservatives in the coffee pods?

Not at all. Nothing but pure, delicious coffee.

Does your coffee have UTZ/Rainforest alliance certification?

Yes! By purchasing from certified UTZ/ Rainforest Alliance coffee farms, we not only pay a higher price for coffee to ensure that the farmer is rewarded for effort, but that they also are farming sustainably and working collectively to ensure that they are also preserving the environment too.

Do you have other certifications?


We also have the following: Rainforest Alliance, European Organic, Fairtrade, TUV certifications for Compostable capsules (Nespresso), FSC packaging

FAQs: Tea

What are your tea bags made from?

Our tea bags are made from Solin, a material derived from corn.  We have chosen to use this material as we believe it is the most environmentally friendly tea bag option.  But overall, our loose leaf tea is the most environmentally friendly option you can choose.

Can I compost the tea packaging?

Yes! The clear bags the tea comes in are made from a plant cellulose that is certified for home composting.   All bags are made from a renewable and sustainable plant source.

The tea boxes can be recycled or composted at home too.

Are there any artificial ingredients or preservatives in the tea?

Nope, all our teas are free from any artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Are there any additional flavourings used in the tea?

We do use additional flavouring in some of our teas, but this flavour is made from natural ingredients.  This means that the flavour is extracted from a plant source and then concentrated.   We add these to bring some additional bold flavour to the teas.  Nothing synthetic or artificial is used to create these flavours. This is all done here in our home town of  Melbourne!

What is the best way to store tea?

In a cool dark place like your pantry:)  An airtight container can help too once opened.

What is the caffeine content of tea?

Our herbal tea and rooibos chai are caffeine free.

The caffeine content of our Black and Green tea is highly variable, so it difficult for us to give you a number.  It changes with terroir, processing, storage and brew time.

Are there any seasonal differences in the taste of the teas?

Tea, like coffee or wine, can differ in taste from season to season.  For example, a particular rainy season can dilute the flavour or an exceptionally dry one can create a stronger flavour.

Where do you source your teas and do they have any certifications?

Our teas are sourced directly from the farms, and in many instances we have ongoing relationships with the farmers.  This is to ensure they are sustainably managed and they care about the people in the supply chain.

Some of our teas are certified organic and have certified fair trade ingredients.

We believe that direct trade with farmers delivers the best price to them and ensures the traceability of our ingredients.

FAQs: Olive Oil

What is Extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality oil.  It is the juice from pressed healthy and fresh olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a delicious fresh taste which will enhance the flavour of other foods and  contains more of the health promoting nutrients than any other grade of oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Australia  must be produced under strict parameters

It must be cold pressed (under 28 degrees)

The olives must be fresh and in good condition then pressed in under 24 hours(usually 6-8 hours) from picking to lock in the freshness

It must be entirely mechanically produced without the use of high temperatures, solvents or anything that will degrade the quality of the oil.

Good Extra virgin olive oil has:

A fresh fruity aroma (Olives are fruit and the oil is juice)

Puncency (phenolic compounds or the bioactive antioxidant are what cause the  cough inducing sting in the throat of fresh high quality extra virgin olive oil)

Bitterness from the freshness of olives straight off the tree

How do you store Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

In a closed container or bottle  in a cool and dark place.(like your pantry)  Once a bottle is open it is best to consume the oil within a month or so as contact with air in an opened bottle will accelerate the loss of quality.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil good for cooking with? At what temperature?

A high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best to cook with; it contains predominantly stable monounsaturated fatty acids, it has a low level of free fatty acids and it has a high level of protective or phenolic antioxidants. It adds wonderful flavours to your dishes and it makes your food more nutritious.  This for example is seen in Vegetables cooked  in extra virgin olive oil, the overall level of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds rises significantly. So we get the nutritional  benefit of the good fats in the extra virgin olive oil and a greater availability of protective compounds from the additional antioxidants.

How long does the Olive Oil Last? What is the Expiration?

Best Before date of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 2 years from harvest but keep in mind that fresher is better.

What are the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

While most people may consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil because of its exceptional flavour it is also part of the well-known Mediterranean diet and contributes to the healthiness of that diet.

Extra Virgin Olive oil contains oleic acid and oleocanthal which is monounsaturated (healthy) fat and biologically active antioxidants. These fight inflammation are great for a healthy heart and protect against other serious diseases.

It also contains a modest amount of vitamins E and K.

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