In order to record your screen on your iphone you'll need to have the Screen Recording function enabled on your Control Centre.



1. First go to your settings and click on Control Centre

2. Then click on Customize Controls 

3. Click on the plus button to include Screen Recording

4. It should now appear under the Included Controls

5. You'll now find the Screen recording button on the Control Centre when you swipe down from the top right corner on your iphone. 

6. To turn the microphone on to record you voice hold down on the Screen Recording button.

7. Then click on the Microphone button, it will change to red when it is on. 

8. You can also set where the recording video will be saved on your phone. - we suggest your photos folder.

9.To start recording click on the Screen recording button. It will start a countdown and then begin recording your screen.

10. To stop the recording click on the red time button at the top left of your screen and then stop.

11. Your video will be saved to your photos folder.

12. In the feedback form below click on the BROWSE button and then select your screen recording video.