Creamy vanilla and blood orange with subtle notes of cinnamon

Tasting notes Vanilla, blood orange & cinnamon
Intensity 7/13
Best served Without milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Finally an amazing espresso by itself

I’ve purchased from many boutique companies in search of the best tasting espresso to pull out of the pods for my original line Nespresso. This is the best. Those citrus notes and the best tasting espresso in my opinion. Peets coffee has beans that taste like this but they are expensive and don’t come in pods. Italy serves coffee like this in Italy but nowhere else. It’s hard to find this specific espresso flavor outside of traveling the world and now I have it in my machine at home. Thank you for coming out with amazing coffee in pods and for making your pods 100% recyclable.

We're sooo glad you found us, Jeremy!

I love this pod. I drink it piccolo style with a tiny splash of milk. Smooth and smashable.

Your Huehue piccolo sounds divine! Enjoy, Shari :)
great coffee!

I love supporting an eco friendly Australian company. And the coffee is excellent! I will never go back to the dark side!

We super appreciate you making the switch and may the P&P be with you ;P
Perfect Pods

Chucked a couple of boxes into my cart when ordering a b’day gift for an environmentally conscios friend. Delicious! Now I get to be caffeinated AND virtuous.

Karma points with P&P... love it!
Good Taste

These pods are my new go to. Thought I'd try a version that's compostable, and I was surprised by how good it tasted too. Will be ordering from here now

Aw shucks Lindsey thanks for the kind words! Glad to welcome you to the P&P community.
More Info

The beauty of single origins is their story. Huehuetenango (pronounced way-way-teh-nan-go) is no exception.

This coffee hails from a group of microlots called the Cooperativa Todosanterita, located in Huehuetenango, a region found in the highlands of the Sierra de los Cuchamatanes in South-Western Guatemala. Here, you’ll find a mountain range with altitudes perfect for producing arabica beans with distinct flavour profiles. Coffee harvest is brief, only lasting three to four months and typically occurring between January and April.

In quite a unique complement of flavours, this coffee has creamy vanilla body with notes of blood orange, contributing to its acidity. You may also experience a subtle yet notable cinnamon finish to round out the cup. The Cooperativa Todosanterita is also associated with the Federation of Cooperatives of Coffee Producers of Guatemala, a group aimed to better the village’s living conditions, providing drinking water, schools, and medical clinics.

In fact, this village is so ancient that the main language spoken in this village isn’t Spanish, it’s the Mayan language, ‘Mam’. It’s true what they say: good things don’t last. Such is the case with this coffee.