Minipresso Gift Pack

$98.00 $88.00

Minipresso with two of our most popular blends (Nespresso® compatible)

+ $88 with 20 pods included (1 pack of Munro and 1 pack of Florentino)
+ Free shipping included
+ Nespresso compatible
+ Portable
+ Perfect for camping and travelling

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Great device!

Super easy to use. Just got to be careful with the hot water as it sometimes dribbles down the side. Other than that great little changer!

Hope you're having great P&P adventures with the Minipresso, Ann :)
Best pods out of all I've tried!

The coffee is the best I've had from any of the pods I've tried, and I've tried a lot for my Nespresso.

Love the great range of flavours and strengths. All of the range I've tried have been smooth and none of them bitter.

I switched from the Nespresso brand when ii learned how bad they were for the environment. So it's amazing these are biodegradable too

Cheers D for appreciating our specialty coffee varieties and for what we're trying to do! We love having you onboard :)
Love my Minipresso

I love the simplicity of the minipresso and the coffee itself is fabulous.
I plan the try the minipresso out on my overseas trip to Europe <3 .

We're so excited for you to take us & your handy Minipresso on your Eurotrip...Have fun, Kim!
Customer Service was excellent!

Learned about this brand from Finder Keepers Market, and they were great gift for a close friend. However, there was a delay in shipping out and wasn't notified of this until I observed there was no updates after I bought the product. But Jude from customer support was excellent help and got my order shipped!

Aww thanks so much Aleczander for your understanding and feedback... I'm so, so glad you could finally be caffeinated with P&P! Thanks a mill, Jude ;)

Love this little gadget! Great result!

Thanks for the love Vanessa!
More Info

Welcome to your pocket-sized Nespresso® machine!

The Minipresso uses Nespresso® compatible-capsules to prepare up to 45ml of espresso. Hand-powered, pocket-sized and portable, this is the ultimate accessory for any coffee lover going backpacking, camping, flying, or on a road-trip.

Minipresso is also incredibly easy to clean and doesn't require any other bits or pieces. No electricity, no air cartridges, just your hands to pump the coffee.

This gift pack also includes two packs of our popular coffees, Munro and Florentino, so you can start using your Minipresso straight away with real Melbourne cafe coffee!

Tips for use:
- Use hand pump around 20 times for espresso shot, and 30 times for a double shot.

- For best results, use hot, not boiling water. Water in a Thermos-type container is perfect.
- Use both hands whilst pumping for added pressure and stability.

Dimension 175x70x60 mm 6.89x2.75x2.36 in
Weight 350 g 0.78 lbs
Water capacity 70 ml 2.35 oz
Average pressure 8 bar 116 psi
Other Cleaning brush and built-in espresso cup