Red cherry and brown sugar with a raw cacao finish

Tasting notes Red cherry, brown sugar & raw cacao
Intensity 10/13
Best served With milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Taste and despenser

I have a Nespresso essenza mini. The pods say they’re compatible with Nespresso. Though they’re great tasting, the pods don’t extract properly and drip instead of a nice constant flow so I’m not sure how much proper coffee I get out of a pour...

Hey Evan, being specialty coffee with a finer grind and in a compostable and biodegradable pod body, P&P sometimes behaves slightly differently. Hopefully these quick tips can help you get the most out of our pods in your machine: If not, please email us at :)
Best coffee

Great coffee, great service. Love that they try hard to be sustainable.

We're constantly on the search for even more sustainable, tasty and user-friendly alternatives and we thank you for your support, Susan!

Not content to simply continue to provide the best coffee pods in Australia, you have to go and add to the list. HARTMANN ESTATE! I can't get them straight away not ready to order a new box yet and I hope they're still there when I want them!!

We love exceeding our P&P drinkers' expectations! Enjoy, David :)

Best coffee ever!

Aw shucks, Annie!
Ahhhh, real coffee in a pod

Gotta love the Tarrazu pods, great start to the day!

Thanks for choosing Tarrazú to pick you up in the morning, Richard!
More Info

Introducing Tarrazú (pronounced tar-ah-zoo), a coffee often referred to as 'classically complete'. A full body, high acidity, delicate aroma and clean notes of cacao, cherry and brown sugar make it ideal for those who enjoy a dark roast or have their coffee with milk.

The Tarrazú owes it flavour to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil and high altitudes in which it grows, located on a small farm, La Finca Cafetelera, located in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica’s capital. These conditions allow the coffee cherry to ripen more slowly, imparting its characteristic bold tasting notes.

Coffee from this area is so sought-after and so essential to the local economy that the population of the surrounding towns triples from 10,000 to more than 30,000 during harvest season - between November and April. Milk drinker or enjoy a full-bodied coffee? The Tarrazú could soon be your favourite.