To record your screen on your PC you'll need a screen recording application. We chose to use Loom



Once you have navigated to click on the Sign In button. Now log into our Pod & Parcel with the following details:


password: LoomPod2021@

You can either install the desktop application or browser extension. We recommend the extension. Once it is installed you can click on start recording which will open the settings panel.

Recording settings panel

loom recorder settings

We suggest you record the Full Desktop incase you use different tabs on your browser. Also make sure the correct microphone is selected and that your browser allows this microphone to record. 

You can now click on the Start Recording button and you'll see a 3, 2, 1 count down. Your screen will now be recorded. 

You will notice a timer at the bottom left menu. This menu allows you to cancel, pause and finish your recording.

loom menu

Once you have finished your recording session you can click on the green tick button to finish. This will now open a new tab on your recorded video. You can now copy the videos url and insert it into the form below.