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Absolutely amazing! The best out of the 3 Single Origin coffees you do, in my opinion. It is so delicious. I use BonnSoy and make a latte and it’s better than most cafes offer!

Oh thanks so much Grant, it's amazing to hear that we can bring cafe-style, specialty coffees into the comfort of your home :)

Hi Guys , such a good pod coffee and really like the fact the pods are biodegradable. I’ve been recommending your coffee to my friends!
Thanks again for such a great product!!

Aw, big thanks for sharing the P&P love! Enjoy, Rob :)
Good coffee with smaller environmental impact

I have tried the Sidamo decaf, Bezzera and Florentino and found them all to be excellent. I can enjoy them more knowing that their environmental impact is much less than the aluminium pods of other companies.

All great coffee varieties to suit all times of the day! Thanks for appreciating the P&P difference, Martin.
Great coffee and ecco-friendly

The coffee is great, the pods are sustainable and the delivery is fast. I was really happy and would totally recommend.

YAY to ticking your boxes... thanks Jules!
Love it!

Love my coffee but don’t want to drink too much caffeine as I’m breastfeeding! So love being able to reach for a delicious decaf !

Glad our full-flavoured Sidamo's getting you through and all the best, Mikhalla :)

Always love me some Munro!

Haha... Munro loves you too!
Perfect Pods

I have been living with pod guilt for some time now, but when i saw your compostable pods we just had to try them. We love the flavour. My husband likes strong coffee and I am all about the flavour as long as its not too strong. We were both happy with the Christmas pack. We cannot wait to try more, love it. Well done to you all!

Wishing you and your husband a happy AND tasty, P&P Christmas! Thanks Deanna for all your support :)
Love coffee pods

Great product and aroma!

Thanks so much Umberta... cin-cin!
Love it....but

Absolutely love this coffee, however my husband and I have more of a preference to the single origin blends. It would be great if we could have the choice to choose our coffee in 'the coffee club" rather than random selection. But, totally love your coffee!

We super appreciate you and your husband's feedback, Samantha and we love our SIngle O's too! You can definitely select your own varieties under your Coffee Club Subscription instead of the Variety Pack. Feel free to email us at if you need a hand with that!
Taking pods to a proper coffee level

Thanks to our friend ( Kristy) for referring us and thanks to pod and parcel for making awesome REAL coffee suitable for use in a pod machine. We will be moving to a subscription this week. Love the Bancroft and Terrazu best.

Thanks Gemma & Kristy and welcome to the Pod Fam!!! :)
Love it 🥰

Was surprised at how good it was! Love that being biodegradable doesn’t mean that flavour is compromised!

Enjoy your feel good cuppa Kate! Cheers :)
Excellent coffee & biodegradable pod! What’s not to like!

I was a bit sceptical about these pods having been a Nespresso fan. But after trying them I’m a convert. Not as big a range as Nespresso but then I usually stick to one or two favourites anyway so not really an issue. I’m a regular user now.

Thanks a bunch for making the P&P switch Jennifer!!
Best pods out of all I've tried!

The coffee is the best I've had from any of the pods I've tried, and I've tried a lot for my Nespresso.

Love the great range of flavours and strengths. All of the range I've tried have been smooth and none of them bitter.

I switched from the Nespresso brand when ii learned how bad they were for the environment. So it's amazing these are biodegradable too

Cheers D for appreciating our specialty coffee varieties and for what we're trying to do! We love having you onboard :)

I ordered your produce because it was advertized that it was composible assuming that all I needed to do was put the pods into my compost bins but discovered that there was more to it. Will need to see if they do break down in 90 days. What about the aluminium does that break down too?

Hey there, Our pods are designed and certified to break down within 90 days in commercial composting like most biodegradable and compostable packaging. Unfortunately some councils will take some time to change their waste management system. Home composting conditions are too variable to guarantee speedy decomposition. The aluminium lids will need to be removed and recycled first. Please check out our handy video and FAQs for more info:

The Coffee Club

Cheers Simon
Very tasty coffee

I ordered the Xmas Pack to get an opportunity to try a range of P&P coffees. They are delicious and full flavoured.
Relieved to find biodegradable pods that also contain yummy coffee - I can now enjoy my coffee guilt-free and support an Aussie business.

Thanks so much Sarah for supporting us by enjoying a tasty P&P cuppa!

We are massive coffee snobs that thought we could never have good coffee at home... until these pods !!!
Damnnn! We are obsessed !
The only issue we have is that we use them so quickly! We like to have large coffee so we use two pods per coffee. But it’s worth it!!

We're super excited to hear that we were able to give some home comforts to the ultimate coffee snobs ;) Cheers!
Greet Australia coffee Pods

I honestly think this is one of the best coffee pod coffees I gave had? And I am very fussy about my coffee, I only tried because of the biodegradable pod? But the coffee is smooth and strong ( depends of type) my fav is Bezzera ( not in Christmas pack hec 4 stars!

We super appreciate your support Paul and thanks for enjoying Bezzera as much as we do!
Great Coffee

Was looking for a good pod coffee option, and found an amazing option with these pods. The Munro is a nice afternoon coffee, I prefer the Bezzera blend in the morning. The pods start your experience with the fresh ground coffee scent you get when you open the pack, and does not disappoint with the creama and flavor. The pods also comes with the added benefit of being better for the environment.

Love hearing about your full P&P experience to make your day super special! Thanks Catherine :)

Great for the environment and no compromise on flavour. Love them!

Awesome feedback, we super appreciate it Hayley!
Christmas Goodies

Very happy with the prompt arrival of my Christmas goodies!
Thanks Pod & Parcel

Glad we could bring your household an early Chrissy, Susie :)
Its good! Love the taste and the smell

I find the taste to be great its not as strong as Bezera 13 but it has ample taste and fragrance, i personally like it.

We love hearing that you're enjoying the subtleties of Tarrazú, Vincent!

Super Sample Pack

Cheers Ahmed


Cheers Elizabeth

Loving your coffee 💕

Aww... and we're loving your P&P enjoyment Di!