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Sample pack

First time I ordered so I thought I should try the sample pack. Now I am in a dilemma. I liked all the coffee I received so I now have to decide what to order next.....maybe another sample pack.

That´s a pretty enjoyable and yummy deilemma :) Happy to have you as a customer John!

Solid Espresso

The coffee is good and knowing I'm not contributing to the ever growing pile of pods that will be here far longer than we will is even better.

Thanks for your feedback, Jon! Glad we were able to live up to your expectations and provide you with a feel-good coffee. Cheers :)

I love this coffee

I set up a subscription so I can have great, Melbourne-style coffee while I work from home during COVID. The website is easy to use and there's not a flavour I haven't enjoyed, although my preference is for the stronger brews. The packaging is biodegradable, which I love. Cannot recommend Pod and Parcel enough!

Yay, that's awesome to hear, Hannah! Appreciate the feedback ☕️

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Cheers Kim! :D

Love this coffee!

I have been using these pods for a few months now and I love them. Favourites are Bezerra, Bancroft and Florentine. They are smooth and make a wonderful latte. I prefer these to the official N*****sso pods.

Perfect Samantha, that's the feedback we are aiming for! Cheers and enjoy! :)


I love this coffee!! It's so wonderful to have a strong, rich flavoured coffee at home. Also to be able to have the convience of pods but knowing they are better and more sustainable for the environment. That means everything.

Thanks for the great feedback Melanie, we're so happy the pods are hitting your happy place!

life’s small delights

Whoever thought that happiness could be personified by a very small wonderfully disposable bucket shaped object? But indeed it’s true..and I for one am appreciative of all that this small object has come to mean in my daily routine.

YAY, awesome to hear, Robert! Glad to be part of your daily routine :)

Decaf pods

Definitely the best tasting decaf I’ve had

Thanks so much for the great feedback Mary, enjoy!

Impressed but have feedback 🤦‍♀️😬

Loved that my shipment of caffeinated loveliness arrived with out having to do a thing. It might be a “nice to have” when you’re setting up the regular delivery to suggest a preference ie prefer mainly stronger coffee or weaker etc...just a thought. Otherwise loved it

Thanks for your support and feedback Maire, much appreciated! Cheers and enjoy! :)

Great Coffee

During Melbourne's lockdown 2.0, my morning routine of the Target word puzzle, an orange and my Pod and Parcel coffee (in a gorgeous tea cup) made me look forward to the new day. When the world seemed out of control, this little ritual made me feel more secure.

Thanks for the feedback Linda! We are happy to be part of your daily ritual. Cheers :)


Florentino ☕️💥

Thanks for enjoying P&P Florentino JayCee! Awesome feedback. Cheers


Superb coffee and environ friendly

Cheers Sam, and enjoy your guilt-free coffee! :)

A morning buzz - 2 fold!!

Pod and Parcel coffee is not only the most delicious pod coffee I have had in a long time, I also feel amazing at the fact that when I empty the pod trap, I'm not partaking in destroying the planet. I pride myself in my families recycling attempts and using Pod and Parcel just makes us feel good!!

WOW! This is AMAZING! Appreciate the words and the video shoutout, Tegan! Love that you're enjoying P&P flavour and experience. It's always good knowing we've made someone happy! Cheers and enjoy ☕❤

Good alternative

Thanks for your feedback and your good vibes, B! Cheers!

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Thanks for the perfect score Cassandra! Cheers and enjoy! :)

Great gift

Gave the sample pack as a gift to my mum for Christmas. She is loving trying all the different flavours and said the coffee tastes great. Very happy so far, thank you!

YAY!! Glad to hear your mum is loving P&P Coffee! That's the reaction we go for! Thanks, Sarah :-)


Don't know; it was a gift to somebody.

Thanks for the 5 stars Harvey! Hope they liked the gift. Cheers :)

Amazing Coffee

Amazing coffee and amazing service!!

Great to hear, Jarrad! Appreciate the feedback :)


I am in love with these pods -- yummy and good for the planet!

Hi Graham, thank you for trying our Christmas Sample Pack and for enjoying a sustainable coffee. Cheers!

Subscribe & Save Worth It!!

The subscribe and save option is great especially when I’m spending so much of my time at home because of the pandemic. I don’t have to think about running out of great coffee and risking a visit to the store.

Its like having the coffee store at home...yum! Thanks for your feedback, Eric! Cheers :)


Love this service, living rural with limited stores. Pod and Parcel keep our coffee sustained! Yummo

Massive thanks for the review Sarah! Cheers and enjoy! :)

Once again, the perfect cup

I’ve submitted quite a few reviews, so this confirms a consistently WONDERFUL cup of coffee every time!

You´re the best, Pam! Amazing support :) Love that Pod and Parcel hits the spot for you, Cheers!

Best Coffee Pods Ever!

I’m so happy I found this company because their pods are absolutely roasted to perfection. I enjoy them even without sugar!

That is sooo great, Mary! So happy you are enjoying our high quality coffee! Enjoy :)

Jane's review

Love the coffee! Last order, though, took more than 2 weeks to arrive- is this usual?

Appreciate the review Jane and we are sorry you did not receive your package as promptly as you expected. We experienced an unusually large number of orders, which disrupted our normal delivery schedule. The good news is everything is back to normal now and delivery should be whole lot faster :)

So yummy!

Ahh! I’m obsessed with These pods! I lived in Sydney for a few years and I have missed the coffee so much... so I’m THRILLED to have found Pod and Parcel. It’s smooth and doesn’t leave me jittery. The taste is amazing ! I really love the lighter roasts especially in the morning . I’m hooked!

From Melbrourne with love! Thanks heaps for your amazing feedback, Lauren!