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Feeling pampered

Thanks for loving P&P, Ilona! Enjoy your pods :) Cheers

The best part of my day
SUPER! Happy to be part of your morning routine, Alyce. Your cat is looking at your cup like he/she wants some too! ❤️
Compostable, and delicious
Hi there JoeJoe, thanks for your feedback and your support! Welcome to the Aussie pod fam, mate!
Not quite strong enough for me
Thanks for the awesome feedback, Rochelle! Maybe our Bezzera or Florentino is right up on your alley. You should give them a try and let us know :)
Cheers Maxine! ☕❤️
Cafe quality environmentally friendly
We really appreciate the feedback, and are happy to welcome you as a repeat customer, Bianca!
Excellent flavour!
Thanks for loving our Mbeya, Aps! Much love ❤
Love this coffee!
Thanks for sharing the pod love, Lisa! Cheers :)

Our pods love you too, Philomena! Cheers :)

It's a total win-win, cheers for the feedback, Karen!
Bloody delicious goods
Cheers for the awesome review, Anna. Happy to welcome you as a repeat customer!
Thanks for your feedback and for loving P&P, Amanda! Really happy to make your mornings so yummy :)
Makes a beautiful latte
Thanks a million for the love and support Lyndsie! Super excited to have you on-board the P&P fam!
Love them all so can’t choose!
Glad to hear your enjoying our Super Sample Pack, Peter! Let us know once you found your fave! :)
Coffee pods
Thanks a bunch Deborah, enjoy your feel-good P&P!
Gorgeous coffee
Thanks for making the switch and glad our Huehuetenango's your go-to! Thanks a million Grant :)
Great Quality
Hey, thanks a bunch for the review Anthony! That's a cute doggo ! Have you also tried our Bezzera, Florentino, and Bancroft? They are our top 3 strongest coffee! Let us know what you think. ❤️☕
Something different.
Thanks for the feedback Alice! You should try our Bancroft, Florentino & Bezzera since they the stronger ones and let us know. Cheers! ☕
Thanks for loving our Super Sample Pack, Francesca! :)
Hey Noela! We're positive they will love the gift! Cheers ❤☕
Good bean juice
Really glad you're loving the flavours and aroma of P&P coffee, Tash! Happy to be part of your Monday morning routine! :)
Sample Pack
It's awesome to hear your P&P multi-sensory experience and thanks for sharing the P&P love, Jo! Cheers. ☕
Nice coffee
Thanks for the amazing feedback, Janet! ☕❤ All of our pods are made from a biodegradable and compostable material, in accordance with the EN13432 standard. This means that in around 90 days the pods will fully and safely breakdown in a commercial composting facility which your local council can inform you of, otherwise the pods will also safely biodegrade in general waste. Our pods are also one of the most food-safe in the world and are both BPA and epoxy derivative free. The good news is that really soon, we will be launching our new upgraded pods made out of improved material. Hope you can try them out :) Cheers, P&P
Lack of identification
Thanks for the valuable feedback, Gary. The good news is we will be launching our new and upgraded pods very soon! ☕
Great coffe
You're always welcome, Susan! Thank you for the feedback! ❤