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Sample Pack

Sample Pack

Cheers Pamela
Fair dinkum!

Very good espresso, far from overroasted! Will defo buy again. Carn the Dons! ❤️🖤

There's the Aussie spirit and love of coffee :P Cheers!
Hatmann Estate

This coffee is just how it is described and promised. Delicious.

Glad we could reach your bar, Lynn! Thanks a bunch.
Sample Pack
Best coffee pods

Regardless of the fact that they are compostable, this is the best coffee pod I’ve found. Better than my name brand!

Thanks for appreciating all that P&P is about, Nicole!
Sample Pack

This is a great introduction to the range of products. They are all delicious! It is my go to coffee, no more Nespresso and it's always preferable to buy locally 👍

Cheers for having fun Sampling our 6 varieties, Angela!

Delicious coffee and great to do a tiny bit for environment.

Thanks for supporting our efforts to be increasingly more sustainable whilst still tasting great!
Coffee was weak

I love the idea of your capsules....and was looking for an alternative. I make cappuccinos with my espresso machine using the Kazaar coffee pods and 1% skim milk. But I tried both your florentino and Bezzera blends. But when we add the foamed seems all we taste is milk...not the coffee. The crema on the espresso looks better though...but the taste is really weak. Seems like it also produces more liquid then the nespressso maybe it’s getting more diluted?

Hey Martin, the extraction required for our specialty, finer grind coffee is a little different. Here are some tips that may help you get the most out of P&P in your machine:
Just ok

I had high expectations as a fellow Aussie, with the coffee being roasted in Australia, Aussie owners etc but it didn’t taste any better than my Nespresso pods. I actually prefer Nespresso’s taste.

Fair enough Chantal, thanks for trying us!
Quick delivery of delicious pods

Was beginning to panic with only 5 pods left at home, ordered and delivered in 3 days... just in the nick of time before I had to fight the crazies in the supermarkets over the coffee pods! Have been using our coffee pods to make delicious iced coffees, which really has saved sooo much $$$ instead of buying at a cafe

Glad we could provide the ultimate coffee solution, Karen! Take care :)
Hartmann Estate


Cheers Gae!
Good quality goods

We like what we’ve tasted so far. We’re not fancy coffee connoisseurs, so we don’t taste the “hint” of odd flavors like berry and chocolate, etc, that are touted. The pods are nice and we appreciate the compost able packaging.

Thanks for trying P&P and for enjoying an overall delicious cup of coffee!

Unfortunately I will be going back to nespresso capsules and recycling. Coffee was of poor guality and tasted like cardboard.

Sorry you found that P&P didn't meet your tastebuds, Susan!
Decaf pod and parcel

Great taste, so much better than Nespresso pods. They small amazing too.

Thanks for appreciating the P&P difference, Ange :)
Christmas Gift Pack

Absolutely loved even just opening these up. They smelled so so good, and tasted even better. Huehuetenango was my boyfriends favourite and Calexte is mine. Can’t wait to get more for us! 🤗🤗

Love hearing that you and your boyfriend have each found your P&P fave! Cheers Lara!
Love your stuff

Quick delivery in a great reusable box-full of coffee that is actually delicious!! Thanks guys.

We love your review Lisa, thanks a bunch for continuing to support us at P&P!

Love all the pods I’ve tried so far!

Aww we're so happy to hear your enjoyment, Maegan!
hartmann estate pods

My favourite coffee. We now have a favourite for everyone (different of course - why would life want to be simple!). Great company with fabulous customer service which is much appreciated. In these crazy times it's good to know I'll be able to keep drinking coffee :)

So happy you've found your favourite, Caroline and we really appreciate your kind feedback :)
Nice treat

I share this with my tradies the other day ... it was a treat for them all. Yummy

Aww so nice of you to share the P&P love!

Excellent flavor and very happy with the eco friendly pods and packaging. I do wish it was quicker to cut and empty out the pods for composting though. The process is a little more time consuming then one would want when buying coffee pods for a factor of convenience. Either way, it’s for the greater good and the taste is superior so I’ll be sure to buy more!

Hey Eric, cheers for enjoying our feel-good P&P coffees! Here's a demonstration on an easier removal of the lids: We're currently looking at an even more sustainable alternative that balances usability and quality in flavour. Cheers and thanks for your support in our early days!
Finally an amazing espresso by itself

I’ve purchased from many boutique companies in search of the best tasting espresso to pull out of the pods for my original line Nespresso. This is the best. Those citrus notes and the best tasting espresso in my opinion. Peets coffee has beans that taste like this but they are expensive and don’t come in pods. Italy serves coffee like this in Italy but nowhere else. It’s hard to find this specific espresso flavor outside of traveling the world and now I have it in my machine at home. Thank you for coming out with amazing coffee in pods and for making your pods 100% recyclable.

We're sooo glad you found us, Jeremy!
Decent but short-lived freshness

The coffee is delicious right out of the box. But within 1 or 2 days it tastes old and stale. Just that quick. Even if the pods are put in a zip lock bag right after opening. I’m not sure why this happens, but it does it with every flavor in the sample pack.

Hey Jay, thanks for trying P&P! We haven't heard of this happening before. If your pods are kept in an airtight, cool and dry place, the quality shouldn't change so drastically. Please let us know if you're still experiencing ongoing issues by emailing us at Cheers

The Coffee Club

Cheers Julie
Aroma won my over ...

I’m really happy with my sample pack. To start the coffee smells delicious as soon as the pack is open, and it tastes even better. Thanks for the easy start - I’m converted!!

Thanks for enjoying the P&P Sampling experience, Margot!
Cute cup, but doesn’t hold heat well

Love the design and look and feel of these cups, but sadly our coffee wasn’t warm for long in them. Bummed as we won’t be using them as often as we’d hoped (and aren’t in love with them as much as we wished) but enjoyed giving them a go and having them if we can drink our coffee quickly. Love the coffee itself (pod and parcel!) nonetheless :)

Thanks for enjoying P&P Lindsay and sorry that the Frank Green keep cups didn't keep your precious cuppa as warm as you'd prefer!

The Coffee Club

Cheers Laura