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What makes a circular economy so good for the environment?

Welcome to the world of the circular economy, the hottest (economic) trend since sliced bread. It’s the kind of system that would make Marie Kondo proud; emphasising reducing waste and making the most out of resources.

So, what exactly is a circular economy?

Well, start by picturing this: the world is Beyoncé’s closet, filled to the brim with incredible fits. A circular economy is like Queen Bey’s stylists, making the most of every single piece in that closet. It’s all about keeping resources in use for as long as possible - much like the Queen herself with her top-tier fashion choices. It’s the ultimate sustainability hack - straight from Queen B herself 💁‍♀️

What benefits does a circular economy have on the environment?

First up - it helps to reduce waste and pollution, which is a win-win for you, me and everyone in between. It can also create new jobs and new opportunities as people find innovative ways to repurpose their goods, keeping a keen eye on their environmental impact. Outside-the-box thinking never hurt anyone, and thinking creatively to make the most of your resources is a great way to do your bit for the environment.

There’s also huge financial benefits, allowing everyone to save their hip pocket some damage as they’re not constantly buying new resources or paying to dispose of their waste. A double win-win!

What can you do to support a circular economy?

Start right at home by becoming a true DIY-master. Instead of shopping new every time - seek out opportunities to refresh and recycle. We’re all about that ✨ reuse, refurbish, recycle ✨ energy!

Another thing you can do is to seek out businesses that are actively trying to make a difference, and support them over big corporations with no environmental policy. Better for the world of small businesses, and for the environment ❤️

Do you have any recycling or refurbishing tips? We’d love to hear all about it! Tag us @podandparcel #podandparcel.

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