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Memo: Clean Up Australia Day is Happening!

In case you didn’t know (or need a reminder), one of the best days to get behind is comin’ up: Clean Up Australia Day. And while we’re all about every day being a clean-up day, we’re also about supporting something that gives us a reminder when we need it. So, if you need a quick refresher on what Clean Up Australia Day is, plus you want some of our handy tips on keeping things tidy at home, then read on!

So, what exactly is Clean Up Australia Day?

Millions of Aussies. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of rubbish cleaned up. These are the awesome stats that make-up Clean Up Australia Day, but it’s up to us to increase these stats. Clean Up Australia Day (held this year on Sunday March 6) is your chance to get behind some awesome clean-ups happening in your area. Or, perhaps, you can register your own, let others know, and get cleaning!

If you want to know all about Clean Up Australia Day, you can find out all their details here, but basically, this awesome initiative encourages you to give back to the earth that gives so much to us and do exactly as the name suggests: clean up. Have you ever jogged along your local trail and noticed some rubbish lying about or seen some unsightly plastics accumulating at the park down the road? Well, this is your chance to do your part.

Often, when we just start doing something, it can really spark momentum, so we really encourage everyone and anyone to get behind this. If you’re stuck or feeling overwhelmed, just start small!

What to do and how to get involved

Clean Up Australia Day encourages those who want to get involved in picking a location, register and let people know in their community to get involved. You catch all those details here.

But, hey! If you want to start small, we first recommend starting at home. Perhaps you could block off an hour that Sunday to go around the house and tidy up the things that have been an eyesore, then take a walk to get some fresh air with a rubbish bag and pick up any stragglers you see lying about. This is all about doing small things that make a big impact, so throw a big Clean Up bash or spend a couple of hours giving your house and local park to spruce up; it all makes a difference.

Here’s some of our top tips on keepin’ up with cleaning up!

- If you want a starter’s guide for your household waste, head to this handy blog and check out tip number one.

- Need to know what goes in what bin? Check out this handy website that goes into heaps of detail on what goes in which bin based on what state you’re in.

- Want to know what extra-awesome disposal facilities are around you (yes, we’re eco nerds)? Simply check with your local council and get to it. Collecting certain waste at home to then dropping it off every so often really does make a huge difference!

- On the hunt for some awesome eco products? Onya has crafted an epic list, which you can catch here.

- Love to travel? Well, here’s a link that breaks down the top sustainable stays in Australia.

That’s what we have for you, caffeine queens, kings and everyone in-between. Hopefully this has inspired you to get involved in any way that you can, and we’re wishing you a wonderful, productive and planet-beautifying Clean Up Australia day.

Waste not. Sip a lot.

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