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Lights out! Earth Hour is happening March 26

Find out all about Earth Hour and our ultimate tips for celebrating it this year

Here at P&P, we’re all about switching things up - but this year, on March 26 at 8:30 pm, you’ll find us switching things off. (Psst: that’s because Earth Hour is happening.) And so, if you’re keen to know all about Earth Hour and our top tips for celebrating, strike a flame to your fanciest candle and read on.

What exactly is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a movement by the WWF. Their entire mission is to help protect the planet. Each year, hundreds of millions of people take part in this by switching off all their lights for an hour to come together and show solidarity caring about our planet’s future. Think of it as a collective moment to stop, reflect and give thanks to Mother Earth. To learn more and get involved, check out all the details here.

What to do during Earth Hour

If you want some of our top tips to do during Earth Hour, here’s our go-to’s:

  • Get grateful by a candle: Write out all the ways you’re thankful in general, but even better, since Earth Hour is all about giving back and reflecting, why not spend some time here thinking of all the ways you’re grateful for the Earth and all it does for you (and us all).
  • Eco brainstorm: On the theme of reflecting, why not take the hour where we’re all switching off to brainstorm all the different ways you could make Earth Hour every hour. Now, it doesn’t have to be some big, bright lightbulb moment (our lights are turned off, remember!), but maybe it’s reminding yourself to be more conscious of how much electricity you’re consuming, making a note to switch your lightbulbs or considering some new energy-saving investments.
  • Participate in Earth Hour’s activities: Do this during Earth Hour, before or after, but there’s heaps of ways to get involved. Usually, each year, they have Livestream events, social chats to participate in, and country-specific partitions to get involved in. Their top ways to make the switch for nature might also be a handy reminder to consider living a more eco life.
  • Host a candlelit event: Whether it’s a game night, late-ish dinner party or supper involving yummy desserts, why not gather the fam or friends with heaps of flickering candles and drive awareness of Earth Hour and have fun at the same time? It’s the perfect excuse, with this Earth Hour falling on a Saturday night. Also, if it’s the right vibe, you could also open up discussions about how we all could do more to give back to the Earth or be more mindful of living a consciously eco life.

That’s what we have for you, this Earth Hour, P&P fam! We hope you have a wonderful Earth Hour, and we also hope this lil’ blog has inspired you to take this movement (a little more) into every minute of your day.

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