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Meet Our All-Aussie Coffee Pod

You beauty! We’re introducing you to Dimbulah, our first-ever blend hailing from our own backyard.

All-Aussie, all-flavour, all in. Hold onto your cork hats, P&P fam and steady those mugs. We’re here to deliver the news of 2022: the first-ever bio pod packed with Australian-sourced coffee. Struth! Read on to meet the latest line-up in our limited-edition series, Dimbulah.

Here’s all the need-to-know info

It’s no secret that we’re all about coffee (duh, we’re the sassiest sustainable coffee company we know). But, if you didn’t know, we’re also pretty proud of both being born in Melbourne and being a small Australian business. We just think that there’s something magical about our country and something special about our culture. From Brisbane to Byron Bay, Hobart to Fremantle. Whether we’re meeting by the balls on Rundle Mall or under the clocks at Flinders Street Station, there’s nothing quite like living Down Under. From pool parties at Christmas, debates of Vegemite going in the fridge or cupboard (or tomato sauce, but let’s not go there), and every ‘yeah, nah’ and ‘right-o’ in-between, we think we’re pretty grouse.

So, of course, we’ve dreamed for quite some time of crafting a pod that would be an ode to all things Aussie. A love letter to our spirit, culture and landscape. And so, we introduce to you Dimbulah. Our first limited-edition blend for 2022!

So, where does Dimbulah come from?

We source our Dimbulah, a single-origin bean, from far-north Queensland. If you didn’t know, the legendary coffee bean needs a certain climate in order to grow, and with the Dimbulah mountain estate being 500 m above sea level, this is the perfect environment to yield a killer crop of coffee. Also, super good to know: the name Dimbulah refers to the indigenous community who founded this land, and the mountains where this coffee is grown is exactly 17 degrees south of the equator. This unique mix of high mountains and tropical weather makes it one of the (or if not the only) ideal places to source the highest-quality Aussie coffee.

Our Dimbulah is a mixed Arabica that’s washed for a brighter, bouncier flavour and a clean finish.

What does it taste like?

Think citrusy and smooth. Notes of fruits, ripe plums and a creamy base of milk chocolate set you up for a 9 out of 13 intensity that’s perfect with milk or as an espresso. We like to think of Dimbulah as all of the best bits that our own backyard has to offer: it has a hint of sweetness from the top citrus notes, a smooth base of perky plum moments, and a lingering base of chocolate.

Who is Dimbulah perfect for?

Clearly our all-Aussie coffee pod is perfect for your Kaths, Kims, Russell Coights and anyone and everyone in-between! Dimbulah is the ideal cuppa for anyone who wants a slightly sweet and smoother coffee profile. For the folks who don’t like their coffee flavour too overpowering but who also wants a unique, interesting sipping experience. Also, it goes without saying (but we’re going to anyway) that our Dimbulah is ideal for any Aussie or those who are a fan of Australia. Whether they’re in Fountain Lakes, on Ramsay Street or ridin’ waves at Summer Bay, we think this coffee’s going to be your next bae.

For a cup that celebrates our vast and versatile landscape and a profile that’s bursting with bright citrus-sweet notes and a smooth milk-chocolate base, seek no further than this ode to all things Aussie.

Heads up, though: we recommend getting in quick. We’ve only released an extremely limited supply of this single-origin sensation, so shop to it before it disappears!

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