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The loveliest limited-edition: Nziza Collective

Get the good word on the cuppa that connects us with the community of Rwanda.

Here at Pod & Parcel, we’re about keeping things fresh. Switching up our coffee game is the spice of life. So that’s why we’re all about lovely, lively limited-edition coffee blends. Every so often, we serve up a delicious limited edition blend that comes with a story as rich as its flavour. Get to know our single-origin sensation that’s oh-so dear to our hearts. Let us introduce you to Nziza Collective!

Here’s all the need-to-know info

The Nziza Collective is a group of over 200 women who are single providers for their families; this tribe solely yields the rich, complex and utterly delicious coffee that makes up this coffee. When we were looking towards a new limited-edition brew, a bean that stood for diversity, equity, and empowerment was a non-negotiable. And we believe Nziza is just that.

Good to know: Nziza is the Rwandan word for ‘beautiful’, and you best believe that the women who make up the collective and the coffee they yield are both unparalleled in beauty. When you purchase this limited-edition blend, you’re supporting the women who harvest this exceptional brew, their families and their community.

Here’s our top 3 reasons why we’re obsessed with Nziza

  1. We’re supporting single-mum superheroes who are the sole breadwinners of their families. It doesn’t really get much better than that if you ask us!
  2. We’re connecting you with their story, which means more support for this collective. More awareness and more people who know about the awesome things they're doing, the better, we say.
  3. Their. Coffee. Tastes. Insane. These women know coffee. One taste and we were hooked. We simply had to put their beans into a pod for you to sip your heart silly. Trust us: you’re going to get obsessed with this cuppa. One pack will simply not be enough.

So, what does Nziza taste like, then?

Buckle up. When we say Nziza is delicious, we’re not kidding. First up, lap up top notes of bright, juicy berries, move through a smooth white chocolate-caramel body and then finish things off with a sticky raisin finish. Nziza’s got it all: sweetness, surprises and a strong roast that makes it perfect to have with milk or enjoy totally on its own. There’s something magical and a little mysterious about this single-origin cuppa that we can’t get enough of! We’re obsessed. Can’t you tell?

Who is this brew perfect for?

Literally everybody. If you’re a fan of insanely delicious coffee, expertly roasted, ground and packed into compostable pods. If you’re a fan of adding milk to your coffee or a fan of drinking straight-up scrumptious caffeine as is. And, most importantly, if you’re about supporting communities that have a story. Communities who work hard to provide for their families and who produce one of the most delicious coffees we’ve had in the process.

For a cup that celebrates community and a fruity, balanced profile of raisins and caramel chocolate, look no further than our brand-new Nziza Collective.

Heads up, though: we recommend getting in quick. We’ve only released an extremely limited supply of Nziza, so shop to it before it’s gone.

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