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A Roasting Ballet: Pod and Parcel's Journey from Bean to Brew

Get ready for a sensory journey as we peel back the curtain on how Pod and Parcel transforms ordinary green beans into your favourite coffee pods. Our team engages in a flavourful dance of sample roasting, scales it up with precision in batch roasting, and fine-tunes the grand finale of grinding for maximum flavour.

Exploring the Coffee Symphony: A Testing Tasting Culture Journey with Pod and Parcel

Embark on a captivating journey with us as we unveil the intricacies of transforming humble green beans into your favourite, perfectly roasted coffee pods. At Pod & Parcel, our commitment to the Testing Tasting Culture ensures that treating our beans like royalty results in an unparalleled sip-worthy experience.

Sample Roasting: Perfection Through Exploration

Visualise our team armed with supplier notes, diving into the enchanting world of sample roasting. It's a symphony of flavours, where fruity and citrusy notes elegantly dance with nutty and chocolatey undertones. (Yes, tasting is part of the job description — tough work, but someone's got to ensure the beans are red carpet-ready in our Testing Tasting Culture!).

Batch Roasting: Elevating the Magic

Once the perfect dance is discovered in the sample roast, we scale it up. Batch roasting, we've learned, is like turning a small dinner party into a grand ball — meticulous, with every bean playing its part. (We won't lie; we sometimes feel like we're hosting a coffee ballet!).

Grinding: The Artful Grand Finale

The grand finale lies in grinding, an art form in itself. We deftly tweak and twirl the grind to extract maximum flavour, steering clear of the bitter aftertaste. (Who wants a bitter breakup with their coffee, right?).

Roasting Basics: Unraveling the Chemistry of Flavour

Now, let's delve into the geeky side of roasting — our very own coffee chemistry class. The drying stage lays the foundation, the browning stage releases captivating aromas, and the development stage, well, that's where the magic unfolds. (And no, it's not Hogwarts, but it's close!).

In a Nutshell: The Art of Balancing

Roasting is our balancing act, a delicate dance of science and art. From green beans to perfectly roasted pods, each step is a commitment to delivering a brew that's nothing short of perfection. So, join us in this coffee adventure — it's not just a cup; it's a Pod and Parcel masterpiece. Cheers to your next sip!

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