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Quality at all costs

It all starts with our quest for quintessential quality - and donning our white jacket and clipboard (magnifying glass optional). Then we channel our inner Inspector Gadget and undergo a thorough evaluation of all our coffees to ensure it meets our sky-high standards.

And we mean thorough.

Our Quality Assurance process starts with whipping out our magnifying glass to suss samples to ensure there are no defective beans (think black/brown/yellow discoloration, broken or chipped beans, insect damage, unhulled and fungus or mould growth).

After inspection, we roast the sample to see if there are any defects post roast, such as Quakers (aka unripened beans that normally are a lot lighter than other beans after roasting). Once the samples are roasted and we’re chuffed with the bean’s appearance, we move on to our next step in quality control - cupping for taste defects.

Yup, cupping. This is the fun part - we rev up our refined palates and sample the coffee to determine their flavour notes and other highlights such as acidity, fragrance and aftertaste.

From inspecting to cupping, us Pod & Parcel ‘Inspector Gadgets’ will stop at nothing on our quest for quintessential quality, so you as a customer can say, “Wow, that’s some daaamn good coffee”.

We’ll drink to that! To read more about our grading process click here.

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