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5 tips to reduce your food waste

Unfortunately, food waste has become a habit for many people: buying more than you need at the supermarket, letting your fruit and veg spoil or simply dishing up way too much food.

In Australia, food waste costs the economy $36.6 billion every single year, equalling wastage of about 312kg per person and $2500 per household as every year passes.

And that's why we’re here to hit ya with our top 5 quick tips for reducing your food waste!

Make leftovers your new boo

As well as reducing food waste, eating your leftovers can be a great way to save your pennies and your time! It seems like an obvious thing, but it’s often forgotten about! Instead of buying food at work everyday, take your dinner to work for lunch the next day and fill the office with food envy as the scent wafts around your workplace - or save it for dinner again the next day. Two meals in one - woo hoo!

Compost your scraps

From potato peels to carrot cut-offs, scraps make the best fertiliser for your garden. Packed with all the nutrients your garden could desire, it’s a no-brainer to let your scraps break down in your home compost and give your garden a lil treat, all while saving the environment by reducing your food waste - how good! Besides, if Costa taught us anything, it’s how to rock an epic beard and how to compost like a King!

PS: Sprinkle the leftover coffee grounds into your home compost for the best-smelling compost around! While you're at it, pop the foil into the recycling, and the pod into the green waste - easy as! If your local council doesn't have an industrial composting facility, simply pop it in the general waste as our pods are also biodegradable!

Grow your own goods

Watering can and gloves at the ready: a great way to reduce food wastage is to grow your own goods! With lettuce costing an arm and a leg these days, it’s a no-brainer to get down and dirty and just grow it yourself! This means that it’s there for you to harvest whenever you need! This goes for herbs too - from thyme to lavender, there’s endless potential (think: cocktails, smoothies, even a bitta DIY tea!)

Food prep with peace of mind

Be savvy about your weekly shop and create a menu for the week. This sets out exactly what’s needed for your weekly shop and means that all the food you purchase is used rather than contributing to food waste. Shopping with a savvy mindset is a surefire way to reduce the food waste of your household!

Donate or share the love with a homemade meal

Got leftover ingredients about to bite the dust? That meal could be donated or gifted to a nice neighbour! Consider your good deed for the week ticked off with this top tip on reducing food wastage - bake a cake with some bruised bananas, or cook up a chicken casserole for the fam with the littlies down the road (I’m sure that Mumma will be eternally grateful for your kindness!) and it clears out your fridge! Win-win!

And in the words of renowned English author and campaigner Tristram Stuart, “cutting food waste is a delicious way of saving money, helping to feed the world and protect the planet.”

And who can argue with that!

Got a quick tip that you use for reducing your own food wastage? We’d love to hear all about it! Tag us @podandparcel #podandparcel, and let us know what things you do to reduce your impact on delightful Mother Earth!

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