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Single Origin: The Lowdown

Single origin is a small phrase with significant impact in the coffee world. Simply put, it's a coffee that is sourced from a single region, crop or producer, that has distinct flavour profiles that represent its growing conditions. With single origin coffee, it’s common to see the country or the region printed on the box. This makes your everyday cuppa feel like an adventure; a one-man show with an exciting destination every time!

So what makes single origin coffee so good?

Single origin coffee enhances unique tasting notes and preserves the flavours that are most notable from their regions. Every region has different climates and growing conditions that greatly impact the overall taste of the brew. It is super common for notes of chocolate, caramel and fruit to feature across Colombian coffee. On the other hand, Mexican coffee is known for specific chocolate and nutty flavours. As they say; shake, shake, shake what your mama gave you!. Or in this case, if Mother Earth produces great beans - shake, shake, shake it and make single origin coffee!

Above all else, the most important thing about single origin coffee is its traceability. Coffee snobs around the world (like you and me) know the importance of educating yourself on where your coffee is from, and recognising the specific tasting notes that make the single origin flavours so distinct. Popularly, single origin beverages are prepared in ways that highlight the unique tasting notes of each bean, such as a pour over or drip coffee. But we’ve managed to pack all this single origin punch into a single pod!

Why use single origin coffee?

Single origin coffee is often used by coffee roasters as a way to provide the consumer with a unique coffee experience, with the ability to enjoy a drop in its purest form - untainted by other blends. Single origin drinkers are given the opportunity to enjoy the distinctions in flavours between single origin blends and their countries of origin, and to enjoy the coffee as an entire experience. Because your daily brew should be an experience! For most people (like you and me), coffee is a daily necessity - so why not make it the best part of your day!

Which roast is better: single origin or a blend?

There is no definitive answer to ‘which roast is better’ as they both provide very different experiences; from tasting notes to how they are served. What is ‘better’ depends on personal preference and what you wish to gain out of your coffee.

For example, if you are looking for a whole ‘experience’ from your cuppa that’ll be sure to take you to a whole other country - then single origin is the roast for you! The unique flavours are better enjoyed alone as a single shot (of espresso, of course).

Whereas, if you do plan on pairing it with milk and sugar, we’d suggest a blend.

Both of the roasts offer a different experience, but one thing that we can all relate to is our enjoyment of a good cuppa!

What single origin brews do we offer at Pod & Parcel?

At P&P HQ, we are very proud of our single origin brews, and we know that you’ll love them just as much as we do! Here’s a little rundown on the go with each of them:


Direct from Costa Rica to our warehouse in South Australia, this top-notch brew is known for its full body, high acidity, and very delicate aroma. Treat it like your favourite coffee-scented candle and brew it all day long!


This bean is sourced from the home of coffee, Africa, so what’s not to love? Light-bodied and citric; this bean is like a love note in pod-form.


Pronounced ‘way-way-teh-nan-go’; saying it is almost as fun as drinking it! Not only that, but the flavours themselves are almost as vibrant - with notes of creamy vanilla, blood orange and cinnamon. Nothing about this brew disappoints!


This brew is known for featuring all the standard complex flavours from the Arabica, but with a caffeine-free twist! Picked from the South East of Ethiopia, this region is known for its fruity flavours, and this does not disappoint!

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