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Sourcing the Finest Coffee

If you want to know the true secret to sourcing scrumptious coffee, it’s working closely with the supplier while having the idea of what coffee we want to craft at the front of our minds. We think about that every step of the way to ensure that what you experience the moment your lips meet your mug is only superior taste. The time taken at the very first step is really where the magic pays off, we say!

Coffee Supplier & Sources

Our suppliers are Australia's finest and ensure that all the green coffee beans they provide us have been ethically sourced. The beans are carefully selected by our suppliers from a variety of coffee plantations across the world. The countries and regions they use are the best for growing coffee due to their temperate or tropical climate and high altitudes.

  • Brazil (Sul Minas Gerais)
  • Columbia (San Rafael)
  • Costa Rica (Tarrazú)
  • Ethiopia (Sidamo)
  • Guatemala (Huehuetenango)
  • Indonesia (Java)
  • India (Kaapi)
  • Nicaragua (Selva Negra)
  • Rwanda (Kanguka)
  • Tanzania (Mbozi)

Each location produces coffee beans with specific flavour profiles and tasting notes.

Quality Testing

To ensure that we are receiving the highest quality beans, we request samples from the harvest of each region. We closely inspect the beans and look for any defects, before roasting the sample in our smaller sample-roaster in order to identify how well it roasts. Finally, we grind the beans and taste test them.

To taste-test the coffee we perform an extensive cupping process. We analyse both the smell and taste at different temperatures to ensure the taste is of the highest quality and reaches our grading standards.

To see our grading process click the button below.

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