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Three Reasons You Should Shop Local

So we've all heard the calls of 'support your local'; we've seen the farmer's markets, the city campaigns, heard about that friend-of-a-friend who has their own cookie-cutter business. Well, we're here to give you all the goss on why shopping local is the most sustainable thing you can treat yourself to right now. If you need a reason to spoil yourself or just, you know, want something to peruse while you're sipping on a fresh brew, then let us treat you to a little how-to.

Supporting the local workforce

It seems like an obvious one; but you purchasing those handmade tote bags or bespoke keychains are helping feed more than the family of the person you're purchasing from. If you're buying at a market, the market organisers are supported by you. The other artists at the market who are able to be there because it's open? Supported by you. The team that sets up the stalls, gosh, even the cleaners who pop in once it's all over - that's all supported by you, boo. Feels pretty good, doesn't it?

Minimise your footprint

Who would have thought that you could be reducing your carbon footprint just by shopping locally? Not only are you reducing the amount of travel products have to do when you buy them from your local, but you're also reducing the amount of fossil fuels caused by factories that mass-produce the same item (though with significantly less love).

Protecting local wildlife

Not only do the trees that get to stay where they are thank you when you buy local, but the natural wildlife that makes it their home doesn't have to be shooed away by big trucks, pollution and deforestation, to make way for massive factories and roads to get those mass-produced items to you. Instead, picture someone calmly crocheting in a field of flowers, surrounded by daisies and healthy bumble bees before you purchase that crotchet hat from them (disclaimer: not all crotchet hats are made in such a setting).

Look at you go - you sustainable superstar! Who knew supporting local did so many things or helped so many people! If you're keen to start supporting, there are a few ways you can support your local creators and artists; simply follow their social media and engage so others see them, skip the supermarket and buy fresh local produce, tip generously and keep at it! Unlike major businesses, our local owners love frequent shoppers and regulars. Who knows, you might even make yourself a friend, win-win!

Already support some amazing locals you want to tell people about? Spread the good word over on our P&P VIP Facebook group and let's get shopping!

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