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Our top 3 sustainability docos 

If you’ve got a binge-sesh or two planned for this weekend, why not make it educational by adding one of our top recommendations for sustainability docos to your binge-list?

From docos on climate change, to the finest lessons on how to make minimalism your b****, we’ve compiled our office faves for sustainability docos just for you!

So pop that popcorn, snuggle up in your finest hand-knitted blankets and get ready for some docos that will blow your eco-mind!

The Minimalists: Less is Now

Self-acclaimed minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, share how we can all make our lives better simply by owning less. Minimalism as an act is all about keeping the important things, and giving up items in our lives that simply don’t serve us. Ridding the world of a materialistic lifestyle means that people can reduce their waste (yay for the environment!), and live a more meaningful life.

Reducing consumption in the name of Mother Earth and a clean pantry? Sign us up!


Created by Aussie filmmaker Damon Gameau, this is a super empowering documentary that delves into the prospect of developing and then maintaining solutions to climate change. A better and more stable future would mean that by 2040 (the namesake year of this doco…), these hopeful innovations will be able to reverse the effects of climate change overall.

From technology to civil society - this doco covers a world of aspects that propose better long term solutions for combatting climate change! It’s all about the ✨ regeneration ✨.

A Life On Our Planet

We’ve saved the best for last here with a big ol’ shoutout to Sir David Attenborough and his doco ‘A Life On Our Planet’. Over his hugely successful life, he has seen forests depleting and countless animals becoming extinct - as well as the rapid effects of climate change on the ecosystems every day.

In this legendary-status doco, we’re taken through the ways that the world has changed since his youth - and (the best bit) we’re given suggestions on ways in which we can do our own bit to reverse the negative impacts of our climate disaster from David Attenborough himself!

Do you have a fave sustainability doco to share? We’d love to hear all about it! Tag us @podandparcel #podandparcel.

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