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Our top picks for binge-worthy sustainable podcasts

As we all find ways to live more sustainable lives, the rise of sustainability-focussed podcasts has been rapid! People are regularly turning to these platforms in search for green-spiration on how they can turn their lives upside down in the name of Mother Earth.

In the name of podcasts and coffee pods going hand-in-hand, we’ve curated our own top picks on the best sustainable podcasts available across the globe right now. Pour yourself a cuppa and let’s get listening!

Tune into our top three binge-worthy sustainability podcasts and get the deets on how to reduce your eco-footprint!

1. Threads by Veronica Milsom

Remember a time way back when, with your one outfit that worked for all occasions, and any “new” clothes you got were from cousins, siblings, or friends and their plastic garbage bags chock-a-block with hand-me-downs.

Now, the average Aussie buys 56 items of clothing a year. That works out to more than one item per week. So, how did we get here? And what is the cost on the environment? Well, presenter and comedian extraordinaire Veronica Milsom is here to pull back the changeroom curtain on the fast fashion industry. Get your giggle on in an oh-so-educated way, and uncover the green-washed truth that big brands use to get away with fast fashion.

You can find this podcast here.

2. Sustainababble with Ol and Dave

Get your LOLs on and learn a thing or two by tuning your ears into Sustainababble. Combining comedy and environmental concern in a way that aims to help solve the mystery of how humanity can help the planet, this weekly podcast is filled with helpful and hilarious subjects that all come back to saving the planet.

The topics range from matters as existential as ‘what’s the point?’ to exploring styles of eco-parenting, and ideas as enticing as … potatoes. Before you crack the question, yes, there is a whole episode dedicated to the snack of the Gods: fried potatoes (or, at least about how chip fat is being used to fuel our engines in a desperate plea for sustainability).

You can find this babble-worthy pod here.

3. Little Green Pod with Fiona Poole

The Little Green Pod is a podcast produced by the ABC that aims to release bite-sized eco-advice in 10-12 minutes per episode. For busy people - like you, Boo - who know they can do more to help save the planet! Fiona is an exhausted mum-of-two who simplifies her day-to-day mission of reducing her impact and explores the ethics of having babies in a world that lives in fear of climate change!

The perfect eco pod, created for those living life on a go-go-go grind, crossed over with an eco-friendly lifestyle. A perf, snackable-sized podcast for the busy bees just like you and me!

You can find this bite-sized pod here.

Have you got a fave sustainable podcast? We’d love to hear all about it! Get in touch on our socials @podandparcel #podandparcel and let us know what your fave podcasts are that you indulge in while sipping on your eco-friendly cuppa!

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