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Bake up your tastebuds

Meet our sweetest sip of them all, Bancroft!

Buckle up; you’re in for a treat. Listen closely, and you might just hear the rustling of baking trays and a soft sprinkle of icing sugar. Made for (and approved) by all sweet-tooth coffee lovers out there, our Bancroft blend is a charismatic collision of all the best things. Think notes of French vanilla nougat, ribbons of subtle sweetness from the molasses and a generous dusting of cocoa; it’s everything you could want packed in a compostable coffee pod. Well-balanced with a strong body and finish, this one’s best sipped and savoured with milk, so you catch its lingering sweetness.

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Tasting notes

Baker’s cocoa

Imagine a sprinkle of smooth-creamy chocolate notes, a well-rounded sharp bite and a lingering sweetness that’ll leave you hooked.


Hints of vanilla and moments of marshmallow shine through when drunk blank or complement your milk of choice.


The notes of molasses in our Bancroft blend gives it that warm, sweet profile, complimenting the nougat and baker’s cocoa perfectly.

A sweet-tooth approved blend, boasting a strong body and finish.

Best served with milk

Bancroft is bold enough to handle whatever milk tickles your fancy. We recommend frothed milk to complement the chocolate-nougat notes, or when drunk black, the sharp bite of the baker’s cocoa really takes the spotlight!

Get sipping on Bancroft


Forage and sourced only through the strictest sustainable process, our Bancroft is a blend of the finest Brazilian and Indonesian beans. This blend of beans allows both the body and sweetness of Bancroft to really shake up what you think you know about coffee-pod coffee.

Boogie with Bancroft

The short

Pro tip

The bit more

Looking for a fun little serving suggestion? Why not try adding a scoop of brown sugar (heaped if you’re really looking for a sweet fix) into your Bancroft brew? Sweet tooths, we know you've just swooned at that!

The more more

What's the fuss about Bancroft?

Bancroft's a beauty of a brew. It's rich, sweet-ish with notes of chocolate.


Bancroft is smooth and silky - perfect for a latte


Heaven in a pod! Bancroft is delicious, creamy and silky with the perfect balance of intensity. All hail Pod & Parcel!

I have landed on my favourite: Bancroft. I have completely transformed the way I drink coffee and Pod & Parcel has been a huge factor in this.

Love using this pod for both my hot and iced lattes

Paula Parry

Our favourite so far! Nice and strong without the bitterness.


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