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Bow down to this Buzzworthy brew

Lights, camera … Bezzera

Look closely. Or stare and hold that gaze - because this brew be intense. For analogy purposes, if Bezzera were a celebrity, it’d be Johnny Depp (we can call him JD) in Edward Scissorhands - dark and intense, coupled with JD in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - thanks to taste notes of raw cacao, nutmeg and cardamom. Not an oompa loompa in sight though, instead little robusta beans dancing around in your coffee, with an extra caffeine kick that’ll get you bright-eyed and buzzing. It’s not for the faint hearted.


Tasting notes

Raw Cacao

Think a bitter, earthy flavour, like unsweetened dark chocolate, which makes this blend both intense and refreshing.


This warm, nutty addition is subtle, sweet and a welcomed tasting note, complementing the raw cacao and cardamom to perfection.


The cardamom spice shines through to spice things up, in a good way …. With milk or without.

A buzzworthy blend, buzzing with intense and strong flavours.

Best served with milk

Bezzera is brazen enough to handle whatever milk it comes in contact with. Whether the milk is a drop, frothed or warm, all the tasting notes take precedence. Or drink it black for that infamous Bezzera buzz.



Forage and sourced only through the strictest sustainable process, Bezzera is a blend of the best Indian and Tanzanian beans. This intensity and darkness of the beans means Bezzera is one bean with buzz.


The short

Pro tip

The bit more

Looking for a fun little serving suggestion? Why not try adding a pinch of the natural sweetener Stevia into your Bezzera brew? Guaranteed to really sweeten things up!

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