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Naughty and nice

Find out why we’re nuts about Calexte

Waves of velvety dark toffee. Ribbons of ultra-rich caramel. Pops of nutty pistachio. These are the notes that make up the unsung hero of our collection, Calexte. Made for those who enjoy their coffee black but want things a little sweeter, we sure aimed to deliver with this brew. Dive through pools of sweetness, but swim through notes of nuts for a more complex cuppa. Strictly sipped solo, so all the notes shine through.


Tasting notes

Dark Toffee

A big, bold base of burnt sugar and butter make up the base for Calexte, so you can drink it straight up and uncover all its complexity and nuances.


Alongside the toffee, catch those corners of caramel as you sip on this brew. Rich and riveting, try not to follow up a cup with something sweet. Or do, we won't judge.


A mild sweetness with a lingering nutty profile, pistachiod make up the more subtle, top-note melodies of this must-have blend.

Nice, nutty and loaded with plenty of sweetness

Best served straight up. Strictly no milk.

Calexte was designed for those of us who like the finer things in life and for those who also like things a little sweet. Save the richer, complex or even stronger profiles for other blends, and taste up Calexte if you’re in the mood for something sweet.



This brew is a blend of two types of beans, one selection hailing from Colombia, the other from Tanzania. When combined, this makes up the unique nutty-sweet profile that fans have come to know (and love) from Calexte.


The short

Pro tip

The bit more

We couldn’t leave you without suggesting to go all-in on this brew and serve it up with something ultra scrumptious. For the best experience, drink Calexte black with a sticky date pudding. Delish!

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