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Holy Fasoli!

… is what you'll say after a sip!

Sippin' on Fasoli is like skipping through a coffee field or sliding down a marshmallow rainbow, while it gently rains glitter and little bunnies frolic nearby. No joke - one sip of this magical elixir is an experience in itself! Our Fasoli is a bright, fruity, and playful blend that boasts notes of wild berries and plum skin, with gentle notes of roasted nuts and caramel. Fab, right! With top-tier arabica beans sources sustainably from 3 different countries, and boasting a fanciful intensity 8, our Fasoli is fit as a fiddle and ready to make your mornings fab.


Tasting notes

Plum skin

Think: a distinct plum skin tartness that bursts in the mouth with sweet fruity notes, yet delicate and fresh all the same.

Wild Berries

This fruity ‘n’ fun tasting note captures the flavour of freshly picked berries in all their sweet & sour glory; smooth, with little bite and minor acidity.


A drizzle of caramel to balance the tartness of the fruity notes. A warm, yet sweet profile proves a delightful addition.

A largely fruity profile, balanced with caramel to produce a smooth finish.

Best served with milk

Fasoli is best enjoyed with a drizzle (or a tad more) of your favourite milk. The acidity of this blend breaks through any milk fearlessly, but if a straight-shooting espresso is more your vibe get ready to be delighted by such a vast range of tasting notes.



Our fabulous Fasoli is one well-traveled blend! With the highest quality arabica beans sourced from three different countries (Brazil, Ethiopia, and Rwanda) we’ve really made sure to delight with the best of the best. From Rwanda, we’ve sourced highly sought-after Red Bourbon arabica - known for their distinct sweet finish. Talk about flex-worthy coffee pod coffee!


The short

Pro tip

The bit more

Looking for a fun little serving suggestion? Why not add a sweet-as drizzle of caramel to really sweeten up our fanciful Fasoli. Yup, we’re drooling too!

The more more

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