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The Bold & the Brewtiful

Meet our all-star sensation, Florentino!

Did you catch that? It was dazzling; it was larger than life … it practically took your breath away. It was our sip that’s always worthy of the spotlight, Florentino. Boasting a roundhouse flavour profile of roasted walnuts, a base of cocoa and lingering notes of bouncy blackcurrants, this bold blend was made to stop you in your tracks. Cue the gasps. The awe. The applause. Full-bodied and made for sharing the scene with milk, like sands through the hourglass, we recommend sipping and savouring each note of Florentino — you never quite know what plot twist it’ll serve next.


Tasting notes

Roasted walnut

Nutty and nice, stop and sip for long enough, and you’ll catch the roasted walnut profile of Florentino, with a sweet, subtle finish.


A smooth base of indulgent cocoa makes up this brew, which means it’s made to marry with any kind of milk that tickles your fancy.


The base of choc and notes of walnuts are to be expected, but then Florentino sweeps on in with bold blackcurrant notes for one show-stopping sip!

A strong opening, full-bodied middle and sweet, lingering cliffhanger.

Best served with milk

When we crafted Florentino, we designed it to handle all the kids of milk you could pour on it. Steamed, simmered or frothed, it allows the cocoa to tickle your tastebuds, while the sweet nutty flavours and the boldness of the blackcurrant leave little whispers on the palette in the promise of another sip.



Foraged and sourced only through the strictest sustainable process, our Florentino is a blend of the finest Colombian and Indian beans. This blend of beans allows both the body and the surprising sweetness of Florentino to really shake up what you think you know about coffee-pod coffee.


The short

Pro tip

The bit more

Enjoy Florentino with a slice of your favourite cake. For a little romance, we recommend Red Velvet.

The more more

What's the fuss about Florentino?

The Florentino has become a staple in our house. Such a smooth and delicious flavour.

Ashleigh Moore

Florentino is by far the best thing since sliced bread.

Barbara Landsberg

Fabulous Florentino! I love Florentino because it is smooth and rich, and not too bitter

Love this flavour! Really enjoy this flavour in my morning coffee!

Amazing coffee. Good for the planet and good for me!


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