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The goodie from Guatemala

Meet our zesty bestie

Way-way-ten-nan-go. Fun to say and a delight to sip, we invite you to do the tango with huehuetenango. Twist through the flavour of zesty blood orange, drop for a snap of tantalising cinnamon and pop for the subtle melodies of vanilla that harmonise to encapsulate the music of this bouncy brew. It's a siren's call for all the black coffee drinkers itching to get down with something that has a little more body. We recommend sipping this cuppa solo so you can enjoy each second as you hit that high note.


Tasting notes

Blood Orange

Light and zesty with a twinge of perfectly-balanced acidity, sip and soak in flavours of blood orange that play perfectly with the subtle finish of this balanced brew.


A little bit of sweet, spice, and everything nice, cinnamon sits in the middle of this flavour profile to draw out the sweeter notes.


Rounding out the sweet and spice is the warm body of vanilla. Like a hug from your mum, this aromatic flavour brings nothing but comfort.

Just like the tango; it's a swing of flavour to begin, a seductive dip in the middle, and a warm embrace to finish. Swoon.

Best served black

When we mixed up Huehuetenango, we created levels and depths of flavour to be fully experienced when drunk black. No milk needed. You wouldn't muddle the waltz with hip hop so why throw off the groove of this delightful drop with milk?



A soloist at heart, Huehuetenango is a single-origin sourced through sustainability. From the forests of Guatemala, it brings that classic kick from Central America.


The short

Pro tip

The bit more

Complement Huehuetenango by pairing it with a sweet cinnamon cookie that really brings out those warm flavours that just make you go 'wow'.

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