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Make way for Mbeya!

Get to know this peachy, playful pod

There’s one in every line-up. If you’re looking for a party, Mbeya is a non-negotiable guest. Boasting a perky playlist of sweet fruit notes and lashings of golden maple syrup, you best believe that this single-origin dream is destined to get your tastebuds dancing. When we were crafting up the delicious delights of Mbeya, we wanted to dazzle, we wanted to defy, and we wanted just a hint of drama. And we think we’ve pulled off just that. Bust out your mugs, dust off your disco ball and pop on a playlist — it’s time to make way for Mbeya; now, everyone say, “Hey, ya!”


Tasting notes


Pop on those dancing shoes! Stop to savour Mbeya long enough, and you’ll catch top notes of juicy, ripe raspberries tap-dancing along your tastebuds.


Just like the ultimate party track, the washed method we use for this single-origin blend brings out the aromatic peachy notes onto the dance floor.

Maple syrup

The final moment of this brew is a healthy dose of maple syrup. Think a delicious drizzle that’s guaranteed to keep you wanting more long after the last sip.

A syrupy-sweet soundtrack of juicy fruits with a chorus of moreish maple syrup

Best served with or without milk

Have it your way! If you’re a fan of milk with your coffee, then Mbeya is the perfect pod for you; adding milk really allows the maple syrup notes to shine through. Prefer it straight up? Drink Mbeya on its own to catch even more of Mbeya’s berry-peach moments.



This brew is one of our single-origin stories, which means that we’ve done all the hard work to source only the highest-quality beans. Hailing from Tanzania, this region is known for nailing a strong, sweet blend with balanced fruity notes.


The short

Pro tip

The bit more

Remix your ritual with Mbeya and try it out straight up (just once) if you haven’t before! If you’re used to having your coffee with milk, you might be surprised at how different this cuppa is on its own. Go on, we double-dog dare you!

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