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Tall, dark and handsome

Meet our drool-worthy date: Munro. Swoon!

Go weak at the knees for this sensual blend. Compose yourself, you're about to have the best date of your life. Made for tastebuds with good (read: strong) taste, our Munro blend is quite a charming, well-rounded character. Cue rich notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut, balanced with sweeter notes of panela and dried fruits. As one of our darkest blends, it's everything you could want in a compostable pod. With its mild acidity and full-bodied Arabica beans, Munro's smooth flavour is everyone's cup of coffee.


Tasting notes

Dark Chocolate

The smatter of dark chocolate notes sharpens your coffee, leaving it rich in taste and full of flavour. *Swirls coffee* and *sips*.


Munro makes for some deliciously bold flavours, and the hint of hazelnut is one of them. Nutty, neat and nice.

Dried Fruit

The notes of dried fruit in our Munro blend balances the dark chocolate and hazelnut, rather sweetly. And we all know how amazing dried fruit paired with dark chocolate is!

A rather charming pod, makes for one smooth coffee.

Best served with milk of your choice

When it comes to milk, Munro gels with all kinds. We recommend a dash of cow’s milk (ala macchiato) to ramp up that dark chocolate and dried fruit aftertaste, almond milk to bring out that hint of hazelnut or sans milk for that smooth, rich flavour.



Foraged and sourced only through the strictest sustainable process, our Munro is a blend of the finest Nicaragua and Ethiopia beans. This blend of beans allows both the rich and dark blend of Munro to really shake up what you think you know about coffee-pod coffee.


The short

Pro tip

The bit more

Looking for a fun little serving suggestion? Why not try adding a pinch of cinnamon into your brew to make Munro taste like the ultimate bliss ball.

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