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Our sublime Sidamo Decaf

Get to know our fun and fruity (decaffeinated) fave

It’s time to dish the deets on the top-tier cuppa that is our signature Sidamo Decaf. A single origin superstar, this bean is sourced direct from the beating heart of Ethiopian coffee: Sidamo. The region of Sidamo is hailed for wildness in acidity and complex notes of sweetness, which this delish drop brings home right to its core. And even better? You can easily hit the sack in a heartbeat after you get sippin’, how good! Decaffeinated with the chemical-free Swiss Water Process, all of your fave notes of this specialty arabica remain intact and as fab as ever, making it a true delight to sip!


Tasting notes

Sweet lemon

This subtle note lends a sample of citrus without any tartness. Just pure, sweet, sweet lemon - yum!


A tangy sample of orange balances out the bite and acidity of this great bean, adding a sliver of crispness to your cup.

Dried figs

Distinct sweetness shines through and captures the sweet, honeyed flavours of dried figs to balance out the overall acidity.

A largely acidic profile, balanced with distinctly sweet notes to produce a syrupy finish.

Best served with or without milk

Our Sidamo brew is perfect served in every which way: this drop takes to an untouched short black serving in all the best ways, but adding a drop of milk allows the complexity in the notes to shine through all the same.



Our Sidamo is sourced from the south of Ethiopia, where extensive coffee plantations flourish across high altitudes and take to volcanic soil - producing a delightful drop full of sweet, fruity notes. One sip of this and you’ll be transported to the thriving coffee fields of Sidamo. A hand-picked delight; each coffee pod flys you direct to the vast landscape that blesses us with these top-tier beans.


The short

Pro tip

The bit more

Seeking a fun serving suggestion? Why not add a slice of orange or lemon to your next Sidamo serving. Yup - you heard that right! Balance the acidity with a sweet ol’ slice of the good stuff!

The more more

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