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Sunshine and lollipops, rainbows and … Tarrazú

Razzle, dazzle with Tarrazú

It’s true, believe the hype. Your coffee is set to sparkle with this peachy lil pod that packs a pretty lil punch. Tarrazú is all sunshine and lollipops thanks to tasting notes of red cherry, brown sugar and cacao. It’s cute and innocent, but it’s also balanced by a full body flavour with an intensity of 10. So, if you know what’s good for you, get down with the dance of full body, high acidity and delicate aroma that is Tarrazú, guaranteed to give you some razzle and a whole lotta dazzle.


Tasting notes

Red cherry

This stone fruit shines through as the hero tasting note, making it fruity and sippable. Which is the real cherry on top.

Brown sugar

Sweet, sweet brown sugar comes to the tasting note party to join the red cherry and really sweeten things up.


Cacao comes in to balance the brown sugar and red cherry, bringing with it a strong, earthy flavour.

A daring dance of full body, high acidity and delicate aroma - a dark roast done right.

Best served with milk of your choice

Tarrazú is the type of brew to take any type of milk. From cow’s to almond and everything in between it does not discriminate. Froth the milk, warm it up or add a drop and taste all of Tarrazú’s tasting notes. Drink it black if you dare!



Forage and sourced only through the strictest sustainable process, Tarrazú is a blend of the best Costa Rican beans. This intensity and darkness of the beans means Tarrazú is a full bodied bean bursting with sunshine and flavour.


The short

Pro tip

The bit more

Looking for a different kind o’ serving suggestion? Why not try adding a pinch of brown sugar into your Tarrazú brew? It’ll join forces with the tasting note of brown sugar to really sweeten things up!

The more more

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