It was a simple thought...

"How can we make coffee pods more sustainable and better tasting?" 

It all started with a coffee, just like any day should, around August 2015.

The idea came one night working late, it had always been our trusty office Nespresso® machine that kept us going. Quick, easy, and simple to use, it got the job done.  

But there were a couple of things that bugged us...

The pods didn’t exactly taste great. They had this ‘instant-coffee-like’ flavour, kinda burnt and bitter… really nothing that resembled a café coffee.  

Also, their negative environmental impact.

Surrounded by bad press, there was always that niggle of guilt as we’re constantly reminded how much waste they create, and mind-boggling stats like how they could encircle the Earth 10 times over if all lined up in a row.  

So after recognising the stigma around aluminium and plastic pods, we launched Pod & Parcel with a single vision:  

"To offer the most sustainable, best-tasting coffee pod in Australia"

We take beautiful, small-batch specialty coffee roasted in our home-town and coffee mecca, Melbourne, and put it into biodegradable, compostable coffee pods. 

It’s café-quality coffee in your Nespresso® machine minus the guilt.  

And since then, it’s been a wild ride…  

From selling just a few pods a week to millions a year and TV appearances, countless interviews, and mistakes to boot, we’ve learned there are no short-cuts to creating a product people truly value.

So, if you're reading this with a love (read: addiction) for great coffee and an itch to choose more sustainable alternatives, then we'd love for you to join us on our journey - we really couldn't do it without you.