Dark toffee balanced with strawberry, caramel, and hints of pistachio

Tasting notes Dark toffee, caramel & pistachio
Intensity 5/13
Best served Without milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Customer Reviews

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Great! Love the coffee! ☕️

Hi Gail, thanks a bunch for your feedback and for drinking P&P with us! Enjoy!


This is velvety and smooth - love it - tastes like a cafe coffee too

Exactly what we are aiming for! Thanks for the awesome feedback Emma. Enjoy your Calexte! ❤️☕️

Creamy & smooth

I really like that they have a creamy & smooth texture!

Hey there Diana, thanks for your review and for noticing the P&P difference in your end brew! Enjoy the pods :)


My new motivation to go to sleep early each night is so I can wake up early and have an amazing cup of coffee. Love Pod & Parcel so much!

Thanks for your feedback and for loving P&P, Amanda! Really happy to make your mornings so yummy :)

It's one of my favourites

This is the best all-rounder, balanced in flavour, not bitter, and the one I'd probably be most likely to serve to guests as I think it would appeal to anyone.

We think so too! Glad you're loving the P&P experience. Enjoy your coffee, Claire. :)

Best tasting coffee!

I've never been into coffee as I find it bitter but after trying your coffee! Smooth... love the flavours and will be drinking a lot more coffee from now on.

Glad to hear we’ve changed your mind about coffee, Larraine! You can order your fave P&P Calexte next time! :)

Actually does taste like cafe coffee!

I was sceptical at first but thought i'd give this a try as its had really great reviews. It really does taste like cafe coffee! I was buying star bucks compatible pods but these are way better. I love the flavour. I would have given 5 stars except the pod sometimes get stuck in my nespresso machine so i need to push it down so it actually drops and at one point water stopped going through the pod so my machine stopped. I think its the compostible exterior which might cause it to get stuck but not sure if this is because of the material used in the pod. I did follow the tips (ie: run it with no pod in the machine to heat up the water and area where it pierces pod). Other than that, i would still buy again its just a bit annoying to have to check that the pod dropped before putting in another pod!

Subject: Thanks for your feedback!
Hello Kat,
Thanks so much for your valuable feedback and for your support.

Our pods behave and do need to be treated slightly differently owing to the compostable and biodegradable material of our pods, as you said.

The good news is that really soon, we will be launching our new upgraded pods made out of improved material.

Hope you can try them out :)


Great coffee - guilt free packaging

Love the convenience of coffee pods but always felt guilty about the packaging. Now I can drink good coffee guilt free. Supporting a local business with great service - what’s not to like ?

Feel-good coffee + guilt-free= Awesome! Thanks Louise :)

More Info

Bold, exotic, seductive. Calexte was created for one purpose: to bring you back wanting more.

Resulting from its Colombian origins, the body consists of delicate notes of dark toffee and a tinge of caramel. The addition of Tanzanian arabica adds to the cup’s complexity by introducing strawberry acidity and hints of pistachio for balance. If you enjoy your coffee with milk and straight as espresso, the versatility and intensity of the Calexte is an ideal choice.