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Less packaging. Less waste.

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We do everything with an Earth-first mentality, and our packaging is no exception. You might say we’re BFFs with Mother Earth, and frankly, you’d be right.

For instance, you’ll now notice our pods get packed into a thinner cardboard, meaning that there’s literally less to waste. We’ve also included an additional box size that fits up to 12 packs of pods snugly. More in-between packaging options means less empty space and – you guessed it – less waste.

When topping up on pods, you can totally do your part and order between 6, 12 or 18 pods to prevent unnecessary, extra packaging.

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It's a compostable pod party, and you're invited.

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In case you miss it, our specialty-grade coffee is packed into a compostable pod. It’s one of our signature packaging point-of-differences, and we’re totally there for it. If you’re on the fence about switching to compostable pods, let’s try and persuade you for a hot second: they’re easier on the environment, they drastically cut emissions, and are completely FDA approved to start… do we need to go on?

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How to dispose of our packaging

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When it’s time to call it a wrap on our packaging, we like to keep things simple. Here’s our go-to guide on having a good goodbye with our goodies.

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Sustainability to us is not an exception, but an expectation. We’re passionate believers in holistic sustainability, and are committed to being as sustainable as we possibly can, across our entire supply chain.

Sustainably sourced

Our entire range is made from sustainability-sourced materials. Whether it be our tea or coffee, you can best believe every single blend, cardboard box or string is considered with an Earth-first mindset.

Sustainably packaged

Our coffee pods and tea bags are biodegradable, compostable, and plastic free, breaking down in just 90 days. Our packs and shipper box are FSC certified and use vegetable inks.

100% carbon neutral

We offset the carbon emissions for all deliveries from our warehouse to your door.

Want to know 5 handy ways to upcycle our shipper boxes?

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