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Coffee Chocolate Bark: A Sweet Easter Surprise!

Easter's hopping closer, and we're stirring up chocolatey dreams with a twist! Adding a hint of coffee to the classic Choc Bark Recipe, because why let coffee lovers miss out on the fun? Plus, it's the perfect solution for those leftover Easter eggs. Whether you're prepping for Easter gifts or getting creative post-celebration, this recipe's a winner! 🐰🍫☕

Hop into Easter Bliss with Our Brew-tiful Coffee Chocolate Bark Recipe! 🍫☕

What You'll Need:

  • 200g of chocolate (Any of your favourite block chocolate, choc chips, vegan chocolate, or leftover Easter eggs – make it as you like)
  • 1 Pod & Parcel Munro coffee pod
  • A handful of Pistachios (roughly chopped up)
  • A handful of Pecans (roughly chopped up)
  • A handful of Edible petals to add the pretty factor!

But the choices are endless. Here are some other topping ideas you might like:

  • Freeze-Dried Fruits: Strawberry, Raspberry
  • Nuts: Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Macadamias, Cashews, or Peanuts
  • Seeds, such as Pepitas (green pumpkin seeds)
  • Dried Fruit: Dried Cranberries, Cherries, Apricots
  • Coconut: Dried unsweetened coconut flakes or shredded coconut
  • Edible Gold Leaf
  • Coffee Beans!

How To Make It:

1. Melt Your Chocolate:

No fancy equipment needed – we've got you covered, whether you're a double boiler pro or a microwave maestro!

Double Boiler Method:

  • Place a metal or glass bowl over a pot with 1-2 inches of boiling water
  • Add chocolate
  • Stir until 90% melted

Microwave Method:

  • Heat chocolate chips on 50% power in 30-second intervals
  • Stir between each interval until melted and smooth

2. Add Coffee

Once the chocolate is melted, pop open a Munro pod and sprinkle in the coffee grounds straight from the pod. Stir well to combine.

3. Spread the Love

Pour the chocolate onto a prepared baking sheet, spreading it into an even layer with a spatula. Aim for about 1/4 inch thickness.

4. Top It Off

Sprinkle over your chosen toppings – pistachios, pecans, edible petals, or any other goodies you fancy!

5. Chill Out

Chill the bark in the fridge until it's solid. This should take about 30 minutes to an hour.

6. Break It Up

Once solid, remove the bark from the fridge and with your hands crack it into random random rustic shards.

7. Share the Joy

Indulge in your homemade coffee chocolate bark (because trust us, you'll want to stash away a secret stash for yourself!) or elevate it by packaging it up in charming bags or boxes, paired perfectly with a bottle of wine, to gift to friends and family.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative in the kitchen and whip up a batch of this delectable coffee-infused chocolate bark. It's sure to be a hit with everyone who tries it! 🍫☕🐰

Whipped up your very own Coffee Chocolate Bark? Let us know by getting in touch on our socials. We’d love to see what you have made! You can find us here: Pod and Parcel and @podandparcel.

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