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4 tips for a sustainable Christmas feast

Craving a more sustainable Christmas feast this silly season? No fear, our top tips on a sustainable Christmas are here!

Christmas is the season most notorious for being excessive on all levels, and most importantly on the level of whipping up the perfect Christmas feast! By following our top tips for a more sustainable feast, we can all make a difference that the planet will thank us for!

1) The freezer is your friend

It might be a no-brainer when it comes to all your leftover goodies, but the freezer is worth a mention. It’s a great idea to clean out your freezer before Chrissy so there’s plenty of room available for deli meat cut-offs galore. Saving all the little bits that makes the final Christmas feast separately allows you to get creative with how you re-use them! Craving a pea and ham soup? Or wanting to recreate that magical feast once more? Head to the leftovers - your stash of feast-worthy goods are ready to rock!

2) Get creative in the kitchen

Fact - the silly season is the perfect time to unleash the creative beast in the kitchen! Meats and roast veg are all versatile enough to be whipped up into anything creative! Breakfast? Simply scramble up an egg with your leftovers and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind omelette! Lunchtime? A simple sandwich with cold meat and leftover salad will hit the spot - day in and day out! It doesn’t have to be gourmet - just mix in a lil’ bit of love and you've got yourself a sustainable feast for the ages!

3) Save your pennies: buy less!

A happy Christmas is an organised Christmas. Make your to-cook lists and your to-buy lists in advance, and crunch the numbers accordingly. Only buy enough food for however many people you plan on feasting with and you’ll be surprised how much less you’ll have leftover! Less is more... sustainable for the environment!

4) Shop local and shop sustainable

Spread the silly season love by supporting small businesses while you shop for your fantastic feast! If there’s ever a time to support small businesses, that time is during Christmas. Instead of big grocers, opt for your local independent fruit and veg store! This allows small businesses to hire more local staff, purchase more locally-made produce and produces a more thoughtful (and sustainable) Christmas lunch with your nearest and dearest! Sustainable and filled with love - talk about a Christmas miracle!

And there you have it folks - our top tips for a sustainable Christmas feast! We hope it helps kick-start your priority in creating a more sustainable silly season and allow you to have a totally guilt-free feast with your fave friends and fam - and that deserves the biggest Christmas cheers!

We wish you a happy holiday season this year, and here’s to some sustainable feasting this Christmas!

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