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Chilling out in the summer sun: sustainable home cooling tips

Summer is here, and so are the sizzling hot days, watching the tennis and blasting the air conditioner.

While staying cool is essential, we might sometimes forget about the environmental impact of running the a/c 24/7. So with a bit of creativity, research and getting our McGuyver on, we’ve penned some eco-friendly ways to keep your home cool during the scorching summer months.

Only fans

Not THAT. We mean ceiling fans. Cos when it comes to sustainable cooling, these fans are fresher than fresh air! They use significantly less energy compared to air conditioning units and create a gentle, cooling airflow throughout your space. Plus, they add a touch of chicness to your home!

Shade-y AF

Not like that! Like this - with plenty o’ trees and outdoor shading structures #naturalshade. This not only cools your home but also makes your outdoor areas more fun. Which means a win-win for the environment and your comfort.

Shut up

And by shut up, we mean keep your windows shut and curtains or blinds drawn. It might seem all dark and dingy, but it’ll keep the sun's intense rays from heating up your home! Hello comfy indoor temperature!

Go Green

Who doesn’t love some greenery? It’s time to get your green thumb on and strategically plant trees, shrubs, and other forms of greenery around your home to help reduce the amount of heat that enters your digs! Bonus points for green walls and roof gardens (which provide natural insulation).

Reflective Film FTW

Fact - applying reflective film to your windows can significantly reduce the amount of heat that seeps into your home. This cost-effective solution allows you to enjoy au-naturale light without summer’s scorching heat.

Don’t mind the blinds

Mini-blinds or white window shades are more than just stylish home decor. They can help reflect sunlight and reduce the amount of heat that enters your home, all while adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

High-efficiency AC:

If you can't quite give up the a/c just yet, opt for a high-efficiency unit instead. These systems are designed to cool your space effectively while consuming less energy, which is a win-win for your wallet and the planet.

By getting your sustainability on and implementing these eco-friendly cooling solutions, you can create a comfy, refreshing oasis within your home while reducing your environmental footprint. Oh and your home, your wallet, and Planet Earth will thank you for it too!

Have you got a fave sustainable tip to staying cool in summer? Let us know and get in touch on our socials. We’d love to hear what you have to say! You can find us here: Pod and Parcel and @podandparcel.

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