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The Top Reason Why We’re Loving Nziza Right Now

Every now and again, a coffee comes along that is really dear to our hearts. Now, while we don’t play favourites, we definitely have a soft spot for the latest in our limited-edition line-up, Nziza Collective. So, if you’re yet to get acquainted with this beauty, why not read on for the ultimate reason why we love this sip that’s brimming with oodles of stories to tell.

This coffee connects us with the Nziza Collective

Proudly named by the collective this coffee supports, the top reason why we love this drop is when you purchase Nziza, you’re supporting the Nziza Collective directly. This community is solely operated by women (here’s to female power!), and these women are the sole breadwinners of their families. How awesome is that! It was for this very reason that we signed off on this scrumptious drop.

More than just a sip

When we were looking to source a new coffee, we didn’t just want it to taste delicious. (Oh, but sidebar: you best believe your tastebuds that Nziza tastes incredible.) Anyhow, we also wanted this to say something more, and we think Nziza does just that. Not only does it pay homage and highlight this community, but it also supports others doing good. The fact that it also happens to taste like a berry-choc-hue brew is totally coincidental.

For the love of community

Here at P&P, we’re all about community. We’re also about connecting with other communities. This is exactly what Nziza is all about: deliciousness that dares to be different. Products that do good for the planet. Coffee that supports people who are doing their thing and doing it amazingly. For a cup that celebrates community and a fruity, balanced profile of raisins and caramel chocolate, look no further than our brand-new Nziza Collective.

Heads up, though: we recommend getting in quick. We’ve only released an extremely limited supply of Nziza, so shop to it before it’s gone.

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