Hi VIP testers!

Thank you so much for answering our call for help. We're launching our new website soon and will need your feedback and honest opinions. The new site is a bit of a departure from the current Pod & Parcel website, but our aim is to make it even easier for you to order your favourite pods.

We are asking for a video of your live experience of using the new website and to hear your live narration and constructive feedback as you navigate through the purchasing steps. To view the preview of the new website click the link below.



 *Please note - the tea page is currently experiencing some backend tech issues and is not showing correctly on this site. Please ignore the tea page for now.

How to record and submit your video:

To record your live testing and feedback you will need to record your session whilst on our new website. To do this you will either need to install the loom extension to your web browser on PC, or enable a screen record function on your iphone. To see how to do this use the below links.



Type of feedback we are looking for:

What do you think of the layout of the pages and categories? 

Can you navigate through the site well, select products, add them to your shopping cart? Is it easy to use?

Are you unable to find any information or do you find anything confusing?

How was the overall experience?


Example feedback video:


If you need any assistance feel free to contact us at hi@podandparcel.com.au

Thank you again for assisting us!

Team P&P x