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‘Want, need, wear, read’: Your guide to a sustainable Christmas 

Picture this: Christmas morning has arrived and the space under the Christmas tree is packed tight with gifts under the glow of the lights. But - the thing that haunts you is the knowledge of just how many gifts are about to be making their way to landfill by the end of the week. Well, we’ve got the best sustainability tip for gifting this silly season.

Let’s go…

Introducing: The ‘Want, Need, Wear, Read’ Approach

The concept of ‘want, need, wear, read’ isn’t new - but it’s the ultimate way to sleigh sustainability this silly season!

It encourages thoughtful gifting and minimal waste, making it both a sustainable and mindful way to embrace the holiday season.

It revolves around four categories, each represented by a single gift:

Want: This gift should be something on their wish list. It's the item they’ve secretly wished for but never bought for themselves.

Need: Practicality is the essence here. It's a gift that fills a gap in someone's life, whether it's an everyday essential or something that simplifies their daily routine.

Wear: These gifts add a dash of style or a pinch of practicality to the wardrobe. Even a voucher for a clothing store is a great idea here, allowing them to get something they will actually wear.

Read: Open the door to a world of knowledge through the gift of a book! This gift is a gateway to exploration, and the possibilities are literally endless.

What are the advantages of ‘Want, Need, Wear, Read’?

Reduce Waste: By concentrating on just four meaningful gifts, you cut down on excess and the environmental footprint of Christmas.

Meaningful Giving: Dive deep into what your loved ones actually want and need, and craft a more profound connection through the gifts you choose for them.

Saves Money: Selecting four gifts can be financially savvy too, allowing you to allocate resources thoughtfully while still making the silly season special for all involved.


This year, don't let Christmas become another day that abandons your support for sustainability. Embrace the "Want, Need, Wear, Read" approach to gift-giving, and unwrap a sustainable silly season that's brimming with thoughtfulness and purpose!

While you spend time with family and friends, remember that this Christmas is not just about sharing love and joy with your nearest and dearest, but also looking after the planet we call home.

Do you have a sustainable silly season tip to share? We’d love to hear all about it! Tag us @podandparcel #podandparcel.

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