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The Downlow on Dimbulah

So you might have heard the rumours, seen the spoilers, and read the celebratory emails about our newest Australian variety, Dimbulah. A delightful dance of citrus and fruity notes made to tickle those tastebuds of yours. Well, we thought it was about time we linked up with one of our in-house roasters, Warren, to get the downlow on Dimbulah.

But first, we needed the downlow on what exactly a roaster is.

“As a roaster, we are responsible for sourcing green beans, quality control, roasting, grinding, and ensuring that we have the best suppliers of pod coffee in Australia,” Warren told us over a cup of steaming brew in the production room downstairs. “Without coffee the world stops. We receive the green beans from all over the world and it’s my job to transform them into the best tasting and most aromatic coffee.”

So, in layman's terms, Warren is basically a wizard. We were curious though to find out what exactly inspired the latest brew that has us spellbound - Dimbulah.

“When it comes to coffee, most people know that it comes from other countries like Colombia and Brazil. This is an opportunity to show our customers what beans from Australia taste like.”

“We decided to do a medium roast because it is a very balanced bean and we wanted to keep its floral and citrus notes, but at the same time also bring out its chocolatey and nutty flavours. We didn’t want to roast so dark that we lost the lighter notes, but also wanted to keep the complexity that this blend offers up. ”

Dimbulah’s main point of difference comes from its point of origin - in other words, we’ve never stocked a brew quite like this one before. Colour us intrigued, Warren. The best part of this brew, though, comes in its versatility - being able to be drunk either as a long black or in a latte with a splash of milk.

“It’s the kind of brew I would drink in the morning, while walking on the beach with my dog and wife, enjoying the sea breeze.”

We can almost feel the wind in our hair, the call of the gulls, it’s Aussie summer in one nifty lil’ pod. If you’re keen to get your hands on it, click the button below and get your mug ready for some magical, summery bliss.

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