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Unveiling the Symphony of Flavour

Discover the Art of Coffee: Pod and Parcel's Cupping Adventure Awaits!

Pod and Parcel's Cupping Adventure: Sip, Swirl, Spit!

Embark on Pod and Parcel's Cupping Adventure, where hot water transforms beans into a flavour symphony. From nutty to chocolaty, explore endless nuances and immerse yourself in the magic of coffee culture. Join us for a taste symphony—sip, swirl, spit, and enjoy the adventure!


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Coffee of the month

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Yo, Munro!

It’s the nectar of the gods. The elixir of life. The perfectly caffeinated pod. Okay you get the picture.

But holy Munro-ly, this pod is quite a knockout!

The rich notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut, balanced with sweeter notes of panela and dried fruits, will knock you for six. As one of our darkest blends, it’s perfect, peachy (okay dark chocolate-y) and punchy - everything you could want in your morning coffee!

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Cupping Adventure

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At Pod and Parcel, we elevate coffee appreciation through a process called cupping, not a dance move but our secret to brew brilliance. In this 'Testing Tasting Culture' hot water flows over freshly ground beans, creating a flavourful symphony.

With two spoons—one in the cup, one in our mouths—we decode coffee nuances, distinguishing between nutty, chocolaty, or fruity notes. Cupping isn't just a quality check; it's a crash course in coffee culture, a flavour fiesta influenced by weather, altitude, soil, and Pod and Parcel magic.

This ritual unveils the journey from bean to cup, proving we don't just make coffee; we orchestrate a taste symphony. Join the Pod and Parcel cupping adventure—sip, swirl, spit!

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Unveiling the Symphony of Tastes

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Step into a world where water and Pod and Parcel coffee create a dance of dissolved elegance, revealing the magic of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in every Pod and Parcel pod.

Enhance your coffee experience, moving beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary using TDS. Every element contributes significantly to crafting a flavourful masterpiece. Whether it's the characteristics of the water or the subtle influence it has on taste, the secrets of TDS are revealed with finesse. Explore the ideal TDS range—a harmonious sweet spot, unlocking a perfect flavuor symphony in every Pod and Parcel pod

Join the exclusive community that appreciates nuances, savours subtleties, and recognises that in the coffee realm, TDS isn't merely an acronym; it's a virtuoso. Cheers to the perfect pour with Pod and Parcel!

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Decode, Delight, Deliver

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At Pod and Parcel, we go beyond the ordinary in coffee craftsmanship through our Roast Testing Revelry, a pivotal part of our 'Testing Tasting Culture.' Here, the magic unfolds as beans meet heat, creating a rich and complex tapestry of flavours that defines the essence of our coffee.

With meticulous precision, our roasters, the maestros of our Testing Tasting Culture, delve into the roasted symphony, manually dissecting each batch. It's a dance between data and sensory finesse, where our fancy machines reveal the secrets of heat and coffee reactions, but it's the roasters who interpret the coffee's cues and make those game-changing adjustments as the roast unfolds.

Roast testing at Pod and Parcel is a magical exploration, crafting a sensory masterpiece that transcends the ordinary cup through climate, altitude, soil, and a sprinkle of Pod and Parcel magic.

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Extraction Testing Journey

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Step into the rich and rhythmic world of coffee extraction testing at Pod & Parcel, where each brew is a carefully orchestrated masterpiece. Delve into the intricate dance of science and artistry, where flavours harmonise in perfect balance. Witness the brewing maestros at work, crafting each cup with precision and care, exploring delicate nuances of flavour, aroma, and intensity. Come on a journey and experience the symphony of extraction testing, where every sip sings a tale of dedication.

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How We Grade Our Coffee

You’ve probably noticed that we mention that all of our coffee is ‘specialty-grade’. Yep… We say it a lot. For those curious as to what it actually means and how it translates to better coffee in your cup, this article is for you. (Keep in mind this is after we’ve sourced the coffee. You can read more about our process for that here.) Ok! Let's dive in.




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Nespresso Compatible and Compostable


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